Shadow X Drone Review

Shadow X Drone Review (2020); Does this latest WiFi drone worth the hype?

Shadow X Drone Review; Regardless of whether you call them Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Miniature Pilotless Aircraft or Flying Mini Robots, drones are quickly developing in notoriety. They are still in the outset stage as far as mass selection and utilization, yet drones have just gotten through inflexible customary obstructions in businesses which in any case appeared to be impervious by comparable mechanical innovations.

Drones have been around for over twenty years, however their foundations go back to World War I when both the U.S. what’s more, France dealt with creating programmed, automated planes. In any case, the most recent couple of years have been critical regarding drone selection, use development across ventures, and worldwide awareness.

Over the previous barely any years, drones have gotten fundamental to the elements of different organizations and administrative associations and have figured out how to pierce through regions where certain businesses were either stale or lingering behind. From speedy conveyances at busy time to checking an inaccessible army installation, drones are ending up being amazingly useful in places where man can’t reach or can’t act in an opportune and proficient manner.

Drones are turning out to be very mainstream nowadays, particularly in case you’re a movie producer or potential online media symbol (which is basically everyone, on the off chance that you ask me). We as a whole need to make the most out of our inventive activities, and drones permit you to get probably the most astonishing shots ever – however that doesn’t mean you know it all. Actually, we will discuss a couple of things you should know before you even consider purchasing a drone.

Drones are basically little machines that can fly through the air easily, catching astounding film simultaneously. It’s been utilized consistently for different YouTube extends and has gotten one of the more normal bits of hardware being utilized for videography nowadays.

They permit you to catch rich looking scenes just as stuff you could always be unable to see without a drone – that is except if you could fly around the sky with a substantial film-camera on your shoulder. It’s normal that well over a million drones will be sold this Christmas, and the number will develop exponentially as time progresses.

Increasing work effectiveness and efficiency, diminishing outstanding task at hand and creation costs, improving exactness, refining administration and client relations, and settling security issues for a huge scope are a couple of the top uses drones offer businesses around the world. Reception of drone innovation across ventures jumped from the prevailing fashion stage to the super pattern stage decently fast as an ever increasing number of organizations began to understand its latent capacity, degree, and size of worldwide reach.

Whether drones are constrained by a distant or got to through a cell phone application, they have the ability of arriving at the most far off territories with practically zero labor required and require minimal measure of exertion, time, and vitality. This is probably the most compelling motivation why they are being received around the world, particularly by these three divisions: Military, Commercial, and Personal Technology. Before we dive into Shadow X Drone Review proper, let’s get to know some of the factors to consider when purchasing drone especially if you are first time buyer.

Crucial Factors to Consider before shopping for a New Drone.

Since the time they previously turned out to be industrially accessible to shoppers, drones have gotten progressively famous. (Notice how I didn’t state something like ‘drones have truly taken off’ – the pleasure is all mine.) There nothing surprising about the idea of radio-controlled airplane, yet drones are not the same as the toy planes and helicopters of the past. For a certain something, they’re simpler to fly.

All the more critically, the inborn strength of drones, joined with propels in camera innovation, has made drones a great instrument for catching really astounding elevated pictures and videos.

Any time you watch one of those stunning untamed life narratives where wild creatures pursue each other over the fields, or Hollywood creations with sparkling cityscapes emerging from the approaching night, you presumably have a drone to thank. So it’s no big surprise that home clients are quick to catch some shocking shots and film of their own. Furthermore, as drones become more famous, they additionally become more affordable.

You should know a couple of things before you go drone shopping. Purchasing has gotten much simpler nowadays because of the Internet. Purchasing has likewise gotten significantly harder these days in light of the Internet. In addition to the fact that you have boundless choices on items and item varieties, you likewise have boundless data about every item, its highlights and the estimation of the highlights, and input from buyers. Those factors include;

Controllable Range

One significant factor to consider while picking the best drone is the range that you can control it. Numerous models have scopes of 30m, which implies that it’s the farthest you can oversee it. The separation is particularly significant in the event that you need to catch elevated film. Very good quality models furnish you with longer ranges, which means you should check your spending appraisals to empower you to purchase the best ones.

Camera Type

Another thought is the camera type. A few models may accompany their camera, while others expect you to have an item, for example, GoPro appended to them. When purchasing a drone, think about one with an inbuilt camera, the being that they are lighter and are more useful. Ensure you check the quantity of megapixels, video goal, camera separation and whether you can control the camera edge.


Check the plan of the drone you’re purchasing. That is on the grounds that headways are being made in the plan of drones. Very good quality models presently accompany GPS capacity, which empowers the drone to alter for wind or even re-visitation of its base. Drone plans guarantee you appreciate the best equalization and control when flying your drone. Different components to consider are the measurements and weight of the drone. For example, drones will require more capacity to work however will do well on account of high breezes. In the event that you need a smooth flight, consider getting one that accompanies GPS capacity.

Live Feed

Most top of the line drones have the live feed include. You get the live feed on your PC, Smartphone or tablet. The live feed may likewise be accessible on the regulator, which is the most ideal alternative in the event that you need exact flying. A regulator with the LCD show will much of the time have a feed which is sent and lets you see what the camera is catching continuously. In the event that you need to take elevated recordings of land property or gatherings, you ought to consider purchasing a drone that offers the live feed highlight.

Numerous applications exist which empower gushing to your Smartphone, tablet or PC. Be that as it may, the capacities of streaming differ starting with one drone then onto the next, which implies you should analyze drones before buying them.

Battery Life

Ensure you check the battery life. It will guarantee that you purchase a drone that will serve you for expanded periods. Make sure to check the charging time, since you need one that you can charge quick. Most models accompany batteries that take two hours to charge. A few drones can fly for 6 minutes, while others take 12 minutes before the battery should be energized. Consider purchasing drones that accompany substitution batteries since they help you when your battery bites the dust or on the off chance that it can no longer hold a charge.

Speed and Height

The stature and speed of your drone should coordinate your needs. For example, on the off chance that you need to catch surprisingly realistic recordings during games, you need a drone that can arrive at statures of 300 feet, which will guarantee you get the entire field. Most drones have rates of 10-15 miles for every hour. In the event that you need to take recordings of games or gatherings, you should purchase a drone that furnishes you with the best speed.

Replacement Options

Some parts of your drone may need to get replaced or repaired, which means you should purchase a drone with equipment that you can easily find. Bear in mind that if you choose models that don’t allow easy replacement; your drone will be useless in the case that anything breaks. Replacement parts include propellers, batteries and gears.

Now that we have seen these factors, let’s dive into the Shadow X Drone Review which would help us understand the features, benefits, pros and cons and other relevant information pertaining to Shadow X Drone and why it should be your first choice of priority when it comes choosing the best drone for use.

What is Shadow X Drone?

Shadow X Drone Review
Shadow X Drone Review

Shadow X Drone is a highly innovative WiFi enabled and precision engineered drone which is specifically designed for easy flying, making it perfect to fly inside or to record action shots whilst on the move. It can also be seen as a serious technological headway in the world of drones that is the quickest flying drone with sturdy highlights.

A marvel of engineering and design, the DroneX Pro was built to go wherever you travel. Inheriting the best of the Shadow X Drone series, this ultraportable and foldable drone features high-end flight performance and functionality for limitless exploration. The flying velocity is up to 19 meters for every second. It can record the HD recordings at 120 edges for each second and take the photos or selfie with its quality 12-megapixel camera.

The inbuilt prepared sensors are progressed that identify the deterrents and a ground rapidly to dodge the impact and make it’s flying helpful. The lightweight plan makes it advantageous to convey at different for all the undertakings. Moreover, it is a value selective drone that is reasonable for all individuals.

According to the prevalence of the Shadow X Drone, it has been included on WE TALKUAV, AERODRONE, Innovative and Tech Today, sky tango, VISMEDIA, and so on. Shadow X Drone is the most elevated client appraised drone on the internet.

If you need to play the life of the pilot, Shadow X Drone is the best and reasonable answer for you. Regardless of whether you need to take some great pictures Shadow X Drone accommodates your prerequisites in serving your necessities. The elevated shots are best taken by this little goliath that is reduced at this point amazing. Let us examine the best highlights of the Shadow X Drone.

What are the Special Features of Shadow X Drone

Shadow X Drone Review
Shadow X Drone Review
  • FOLDABLE DRONE: Shadow X Drone is a foldable Drone in the sense that the propellers fold inwards to make the drone easier to carry and better protected during transit. With this special feature, you can take shadow X Drone along with to any place you wish.
  • GRAVITY SENSOR: Sensors of shadow x drone can detect the ground and other obstacles & change the flying course automatically to avoid collision which makes it one of the best drone on the marketplace.
  • HD PHOTOS AND VIDEOS: As ones of the best drones in terms of capturing HD photos and recording videos, Shadow X Drone records video in HD at 120 frames per second and take photos up to 12 megapixels.
  • SLO-MO MODE: Shadow X Drone has a special mode called Slo-mo mode which enables it to replay the highlights of your great moments in high-definition slow motion. This is amazing feature ever.
  • INCREASED FLYING TIME: Shadow X Drone flies and film for up to 21 minutes without having to touch the ground or change batteries which is an unbeatable feature when compared to other drones on the marketplace. I bet you, this is a drone on its class.
  • PANORAMA MODE: What more can say about Shadow X Drone? It Captures 360 degree photos from the air with just one click of a button.

What Are The Technical Facts To Know About Shadow X Drone

With a sleek look and foldable design, the ShadowXDrone Foldable Air Selfie Drone With Camera is the newest in stealth and versatility without breaking the bank. The ShadowXDrone Foldable Air Selfie Drone With Camera has a military-style design that brings both power and easy user control in one impressive package. This is the best drone with camera under 100 and even 200 that you will ever find. Guaranteed.

  • 1080p HD Camera: Using a 720p camera with 7X Megapixel optimization, achieve 1080p streaming video quality. Take stunning photos and videos with a high performance camera equipped with image stabilization and auto-focusing software.
  • WiFi enabled, with app software for smartphone: Forget about bulky controllers and use your existing smartphone to control your drone with WiFi. Switch between button-based controls or simply draw custom flight paths with your finger.
  • 3D Flip Function: Have even more fun flying your drone with automatic flip stunts that will amaze onlookers.
  • Headless Mode: Pilot with ease using the headless mode setting, allowing the drone to move in the exact direction of the controller no matter its actual orientation.
  • One Key Return: Lose sight of your drone or having trouble navigating? With just a press of a button, easily command your drone to return home safely on its own.

What are the benefits of choosing Shadow X Drone

Shadow X Drone Review
Shadow X Drone Review

In this Shadow X Drone Review, we our unravelled some of the impressive benefits you would get when you make Shadow X Drone your number one choice of drone and much more.

Super light-weight and ultra portable

Shadow X Drone folds up to fit into the palm of your hand. It can slip snugly into a small bag or backpack. What’s more, you won’t need professional training to take your ShadowXDrone on its maiden flight. Just tell your drone what you want it to do, and it takes care of the rest. You’ll be impressing friends, family and colleagues with photos of your latest adventures in no time.

Unbeatable Panoramic Photos

As well as wide-screen and long-screen photo formats, the camera of shadow x drone can create seamless panoramic montages in under 3 seconds. The likes will come rolling in when your friends see the photos you’ve taken with this shadow x drone camera.

Breath-taking Bird’s Eye View Photography

Shadow X Drone photography is the new frontier on social media and other platforms, so photo quality is an especially important consideration. The ultra-HD, wide-angle lens produces crisp imagery with exceptional quality – for photos that will literally take your breath away!

Automatic Flight Assistance

An in-built intelligent flight modes let Shadow X Drone touch down safely, follow people or objects, maintain altitude, or even do mid-air stunts and acrobatics. You don’t need to worry about the drone touching down safely as this has been taken care of by the makers.

Go further, faster

When it comes to fast drones, Shadow X Drone is the fastest drone of its size, flying at speed of up to 19 metres per second with a top transmission distance of 4km. What more do you need when shadow X Drone affords you all you need in a drone.

Shoot like Pro

Shadow X Drone comes with in-built pre-programmed camera, such as the boomerang and the asteroid, so even the least technical newbie can have professional-quality footage at the click of a button.


Shadow X Drone has all of the features needed to satisfy the pros, but it is extremely simple to fly and control, even for complete beginners.


The quality of this drone is staggering compared to the price you pay. This marks a turning point in drones. It is clear from the Shadow X Drone that you can now purchase a top-of-the-range drone for a fraction of the cost of some of the leading models. This technology is now accessible to everyone, and we couldn’t be more excited!

How To Use Shadow X Drone

Shadow X Drone Review
Shadow X Drone Review

Shadow X Drone works most effectively and proficiently. There is no troublesome arrangement needed to set up your Shadow X Drone. You should simply charge your Shadow X Drone by setting the battery inside the Shadow X Drone and associating it to the charging link. When charged, you can begin it utilizing the transmitter gave along the Shadow X Drone. That is it!

The moderateness, flexibility, and solidness of the Shadow X Drone are duplicated by the simplicity of tasks. No one needs to purchase a specialized gadget that expects you to chip away at your building aptitudes regardless of your least intrigue.

Pros of using Shadow X Drone

  • Shadow X Drone is specially designed for easy flying and does not involve complicated manuals.
  • Shadow X Drone is ideal for flying inside or capturing the best adventure trips without worrying about the quality.
  • Shadow X Drone is easy to carry as it is lightweight and its foldable structure makes it comfortable in lesser spaces as well.
  • Shadow X Drone can go up to the top heights and achieve top speeds as compared to any of the other similar-sized and similar-priced drones available in the market.
  • Shadow X Drone has all of the features that make it a versatile product that can be used by photography professionals and amateurs as well.
  • Shadow X Drone helps you to get the best quality photographs with just a click that is difficult to manage in any of the latest competitor drones available in the market.
  • Shadow X Drone is based on the best high-tech features that ensure the durability of the robust and versatile quadcopter.

Cons of using Shadow X Drone

  • Shadow X Drone is available online only.
  • Limited stock available
  • Slight delay due to covid-19

Why Should You Choose Shadow X Drone

Shadow X Drone Review
Breath-taking bird’s eye view photography with Shadow X Drone

An astounding aspect regarding this drone is that it works with all cell phones. Truly, you need the Shadow X Drone App to fly this. However, that is the thing that makes flying it so basic. The application can show you how all the moves work. What’s more, it likewise causes you control your drone in any event, when it’s distant from you. In the event that you need to do stunts, the application can assist you with doing that, as well! Besides, the application encourages you take photographs and recordings, as well.

Truly, the Shadow X Drone producers ensured you take advantage of your drone. Thus, regardless of whether you’re another flyer, you can utilize it effortlessly. Clients utilize this for entertainment only, taking photographs and recordings, taking gathering selfies, thus considerably more! Additionally, it can give unlimited long periods of amusement to you and your family.

Interestingly, the Shadow X Drone Features are practically perpetual. You get an astounding camera so you can make all the efforts you can dream of. Besides, it’s built to fly with exactness. Thus, in case you’re attempting to fly around structures, trees, or different articles, you can move. In addition, this makes it explicitly extraordinary for any individual who hasn’t flown a drone previously. That is the reason this one makes such a decent present!

Not to specify, this drone is foldable. In this way, you can without much of a stretch pack it and take it with you. That will make travels much additionally exciting. Since, presently, you can get activity shots from above you while you do a stunning thing. Or on the other hand, you can get an overhead shot of the scene you’re in. At long last, it’s incredible for taking gathering selfies, in light of the fact that nobody will get sliced off or need to hold the camera path away from their body!

Is Shadow X Drone Better than other similar Drones

Shadow X Drone Review
Shadow X Drone Review

Out of the entirety of the drones accessible in the market, a definitive purposes behind you to go for the best Shadow X Drone are referenced below.The minimal Shadow X Drone doesn’t settle on power. The intensity of the Shadow X Drone is twice or threefold than different drones of a similar size.

The credit lies in the exact designing that makes it astonishingly hearty and lightweight also. Notwithstanding the entirety of this, the organization comprehends the treatment of Shadow X Drone by a beginner and gives several extra propellers so you can utilize them in the event that the first one gets damaged.

Secondly, Shadow X Drone is the best drone to catch your experience trips as it isn’t excessively delicate, over-muddled, and under-controlled. In the event that you are an expert picture taker and is searching for something for your guide, Shadow X Drone is the best work accomplice as it causes you to make proficient quality recordings fifty-fifty time only.

Moreso, we’re always looking for the best way to document our amazing travels so that we can share them with our family and friends. It could be you have experimented with drones in the past, but until now you found them over-complicated, under-powered and too fragile to pack. The Shadow X Drone has completely changed the way we record our trips and now you can make professional-quality videos in half the time!”.

Thirdly, the quality to cost proportion of the Shadow X Drone is incredibly high when contrasted with any of the quadcopters accessible in the market. Shadow X Drone depends on an innovation that is presently accessible to everybody at sensible rates accordingly, disappearing the way that very good quality innovation requires high financial plans

Shadow X Drone Price

The company offers a 35% discount on the single unit of Shadow X Drone and it is available at $99.00 only. Along with the Shadow X Drone, you will be getting a transmitter/controller, a 3.7V, 500mAh Lipo battery, and a charging cable. Thus you do not need to buy external accessories after buying Shadow X Drone.

The company provides massive discounts on bulk-buying of Shadow X Drone. You can go for the “Buy 2 + Get 1 Free” offer at $197.0 only that provides you with a 56% discount as the cost price of 3 units of Shadow X Drone are $295.0. The “Buy 3 + Get 2 Free” offer at $297.0 only provides you with a 60% discount as the cost price of 5 units of Shadow X Drone is $493.0.

Where can You buy Shadow X Drone

It is firmly recommended to purchase Shadow X Drone from its official site just since it is an electric item and chances are high that you may fell prey to comparative looking fake items.

Notwithstanding the different markdown offers and realness of Shadow X Drone from its unique site, the company likewise gives a 30-day money-back unconditional promise on Shadow X Drone. Subsequently, on the off chance that you are not happy with the nature of your Shadow X Drone, you can benefit of this chance and can get your cash back. In any case, you will never need to restore your Shadow X Drone.

Customer written Shadow X Drone Review

I tested and tested the Shadow X Drone, pushing to the limits and it could still keep up. I couldn’t outrun the drone and I was so impressed by how far it could go without losing transmission”-

Ben Popper

I’m usually extremely protective over my stuff, but this drone is so intuitive to use, and has so many anti-collision features installed, I handed it over to my 8-year-old son, it only cost him just minutes after he can make it flying in the sky.”-

Taran Niclolauo

Shadow X Drone makes capturing a moment so easy and all of the pre-programmed modes are so much fun! It’s so exciting to see footage of yourself which looks like it has been lifted straight from an action film, and it takes literally seconds to film-

Propsero Mike

FAQs(Shadow X Drone Review)

How Long Does It Take To Charge?

Charging time is between 60-70 minutes to full charge.

Can You Fine Tune The Balance?

You can offset the balance by pressing the Fine-tune button to correct the orientation.

Does It Have Altitude Hold?

Atmospheric pressure one key set high, you can accurately lock the height and location, stable hover, from any angle shooting are convenient.

Does It Have FPV (First Person View) Capability?

Wifi real-time transmission FPV system which can Connect your phone with the drone and the view will be shown directly on your phone, thus enjoy the world above the horizon,capture photos and record videos for your great memory.

Final Verdict On Shadow X Drone

“The quality of this drone is staggering compared to the price you pay. This marks a turning point in drones. It is clear from the Shadow X Drone that you can now purchase a top-of-the-range drone for a fraction of the cost of some of the leading models. This technology is now accessible to everyone, and we couldn’t be more excited!”

Moreso, ShadowXDrone leads the pack in this booming market. Sit back and watch the likes roll in with 360° photos and bird’s eye view videos. You’ll definitely be the envy of your friends, with this brand-new, light-weight and compact drone. Thanks to a set-up time of under 30 seconds, it’s surprisingly simple to use. So what sets it apart from all the rest? ShadowXDrone invests more in its build-quality than its image, giving you an impressive piece of kit for an incredibly low price.

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