LiveGuard Pro Review


Have you been in a situation at night where your light bulb outside got burnt and you needed to find out who made a suspicious move around the vicinity of your home especially in this summer period but you ran out of ideas of what to do. In this Live Guard Pro review, you will be guided with better device to use in order to help yourself out.

We all know that having bright lights outside the home will help deter thieves from coming onto your property. Hidden cameras give us peace when we need to leave home or confirm safety on property grounds. Light bulb security cameras keep our family safe, home exterior secure, and provides images and video of any incidents

The challenge is figuring out which light bulb camera is best for protecting our family, and that’s why we’ve researched the market and came up with Live Guard Pro review. We’ve analyzed features such as camera view, picture quality, and product design.

It’s not just important but a necessity to have the best light bulb security camera in our place of abode and work because it will be reliable and provide an added sense of security for you, your family and co-workers.

A mediocre light bulb camera will provide a grainy picture with poor contrast and resolution and will fail to notify you of incidents. This resource has all the information to help you make a conscious decision.

What is LiveGuard Pro?(LiveGuard Pro Review)

LiveGuard Pro is a high definition Wi-Fi light bulb camera, built in 360 degree fisheye lens, which provide you with super wide angle. This 1080P HD 360 wireless security camera makes you not to worry about break-ins when you install it, your 360EYEYS APP will notify you of any suspicious activity. Once the light bulb is connected to WIFI, you can access the feed from anywhere.

Liveguard Pro Review
Liveguard Pro Review

LiveGuard Pro Is A Unique Surveillance Device. It Is a CCTV and IP Camera Built In form of a Lighting Bulb. It Works Wirelessly and Support Remote Viewing via WiFi Devices Such as Androids, i-Phones, Tablet PC, Desktop, Laptop, Smart TV etc.

It can work as a stand-alone camera, and also works as Network Cameras (Multiple-cameras) via its build-in WiFi or connected to wireless Devices, This camera comes with 16 Channels NVR Software that allows you to use your Laptop or existing Desktop Computer as Network Video Recorder-NVR, to centrally manage and view up to 16 cameras in one system conveniently and wirelessly in High Definition-HD. CLICK THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE FOR MORE INFO

Why do I need this product?

This is the most cost effective High Definition CCTV Camera without compromising of video quality, it is only built in form of Bulb to disguise prospective criminal, unlike Analogue camera where you spend lots of money buying cables, DVR, Power supply box, Monitor, connectors, civil work and Maintenance fee and still only watch your video in analogue format which is low video quality, this camera will allow you to watch your environment in High Definition (HD) with very clear and quality video.

This is best and most secured in form of close circuit spying camera. It Is A CCTV and IP Camera built in form of a real light Bulb with High Definition. No need of DVR or LCD Monitor, as It has High Memory Card Slot and Can Record For a very Long Duration, Boosting Your Environmental Security.

Description of this Device.

Liveguard Pro Review
Liveguard Pro Review

The video and audio footage is viewed and recorded through the mobile phone from anywhere. To access this system you have to download the app (IPC360) from playstore, etc. to your mobile phone but the operation is very simple.
This system is ideal for homes, offices, stores, supermarket, etc.

1080P Full HD Day & Night Vision】: The light bulb camera with 1920*1080P Bright Full HD Colorful Image in daytime at 25fps. Night vision up to 32 feet in pitch darkness with no light pollution, you can view clear image even in total darkness.

Motion Detection & Alarm Function】:Motion detection runs under the support of a Micro SD card. Five levels of sensitivity to suit your needs. Sync alarms will push to your smart phone from 360EYES APP. So you don’t need to worry the thief break into your house when you are outside, which makes your place safer. 【Remote Control & View Everywhere】:Once the light bulb camera connect WIFI, the living stream can be accessed via iPhone/Android mobile Phone/Ipad/Windows PC, you can use it as a baby monitor to take care your baby whenever and wherever.

Remo【Micro SD Card Storage & Playback】: The bulb camera supports memory card up to 128GB (not included). Tupeya camera support to record 24/7 continuously and the video will automatically cover when it is full. So you can playback the video and never miss a thing.te Control & View Everywhere】:Once the light bulb camera connect WIFI, the living stream can be accessed via iPhone/Android mobile Phone/Ipad/Windows PC, you can use it as a baby monitor to take care your baby whenever and wherever.

Main Features :

1. Plug & Play  design 
2. Fisheye lens 360  degree  panoramic viewPRO glass lens.
3. Hidden camera design Pure two-way voice intercom.
4. Local storage with a micro SD card up to 128G
5. Smart phone viewing through app download.
 Specification :
1. Fisheye p2p wifi ip cameras 
2. CPU: GM8135+SC1035 
3. Sensor : 1/3″Progressive Scan CMOS
4. Lens : 1.44mm,360°  fisheye lens
5. Angle : Horizontal 360°
6. Video format : 1280*960(1.3MP)
7. Video Compression Standard H.264
8. Audio Compression Standard G.711
9. Video Frame  Rate  Max 25 fps 
10. Video Play back Mode : Mobilephone APP 
11. Aduio Input / Built in Microphone ;
12. Output : Built in horn
13.IR Night Vision IR LEDs,IR distance10m, ( Optional IR-CUT automatic switching)
14. Local Storage TF/SD Card , Max support 128GB
16. Wifi IEEE 802.11b/g/n
17. Image Rotation Mirror / inverted
Video monitor support 

liveguard pro review
liveguard pro review

How to set up

Download the app “360Eyes following the instructions in the manufacturers manual.

V380 Bulb Light Wireless IP Camera
liveguard pro review
V380 Bulb Light Wireless IP Camera
liveguard pro review
  1. It’s as simple as screwing in a light bulb. No need for wires or cords.
  2. Socket adapter is included in the package, for different depth of the socket. Note that when you make a purchase,it must come with one Light camera bulb, one manufacturers manual, and one package box.
Liveguard Pro Review
liveguard pro review

Why is LiveGuard Pro a Special gadget to have?

Many people have lost many of their belongings without a trace to how it got missing. Sometimes, this occur through someone living in the same apartment, other times, it comes from outsiders. Whoever it is that did it may not be know without real evidence. Problem like this comes when the person whose property got missing cannot afford to put sophisticated security camera around his home due to power supply issues, financial issues or because putting them may still be seen by the person who is doing the stealing. Imagine yourself as the own of the things stolen.

Liveguard Pro Benefits

  • 12 megapixel concealed camera with 1080p video in a 360 degree super wide-angle lens for ultra crisp videos and shots
  • 36 bright white bulbs will light up the whole room while completely concealing the camera fooling even the most trained eyes.
  • Monitor in real time, anywhere with the free mobile app (accessible on iOS and Android platforms)
  • Detection features includes instant notifications sent to your phone and built-in microphone to give you sound and noise
  • No screws, wires or installation needed-Simple to use.
  • The camera connects to Wi-Fi in minutes and is ready to go.
  • No subscription fees- you buy it once and own forever.
  • Very affordable- Company is currently offering a 50% Discount + Free Shipping You literaly have nothing to loose from a premium cam this quality. Halloween isn’t so far away.


  • Good night vision
  • Loud and clear audio
  • Loud motion detection alarm
  • Take pictures and record video
  • Supports notification and is iOS and Android compatible
  • Is affordable-a promo is ongoing for the new product
  • Very efficient as per our personal tests-The LiveGuard Pro Reviews could indeed compete for the Best Security Camera


  • You can only purchase online at the moment- as it is quite new
  • Publicity is quite poor at the moment- Was pretty surprised a device like this existed. Discovered this marvel by accident

Where can I get LiveGuard Pro Gadget?

You can simply get the LiveGuard Pro directly from the official website. The manufacturer is given a 50% discount on every order made today with a free delivery to your home. Try not to miss this opportunity. click the button below.

Multiple payment options are available including PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Amex, etc. and your payment information is always secure with a 256-Bit SSL encryption.

There is a 30-day Money Back Guarantee on this product in case you wish to return it, if it does not suit your performance. You will get back a 100% refund.

**Update: LiveGuard Pro is currently having an ongoing promo.
50% off your order today and free shipping to your door.
The promo is on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you delay, you might end up missing out and paying full price

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: can it be used outdoors???

A: The bulb camera itself is not waterproof and is recommended to be installed indoors

Q: Is this wifi light bulb camera compatible with Alexa?

A: this light bulb camera is not compatible with Alexia and Google Assistant

Q: Does the power run off the light socket ?

A: You need to turn on the power for a long time or the light bulb camera won’t work

Q: Does the camera work even if the light swith and bulb is not on?

A: the camera can work even if bulb is not on, but the light switch need to be on …

Q: Is it a light bulb too?

A: certainly, this wifi light bulb camera has 34 white led lights with it, you can …

Q: How far can you be at without loosing connecting with the bulb on phone?

A: The bulb camera only needs to be connected to the same network when paired. After c…

Q: Can you connect more than one light bulb camera to your phone?

Hi, dear, sure, you can connect more than one light bulb camera to your phone, up to 5.

Q: Can you connect more than one light bulb camera to your phone?

Hi, dear, sure, you can connect more than one light bulb camera to your phone, up to 5.

Q: can i save to icloud?

you can save to icloud.

Q: does the light need to be on in order for the camera to work?

A: the light doesn’t need to be on, you just need to turn on the power and the came

Q: Will the wifi light bulb camera continue working even the led lights are broken?

A: the camera function can continue working even the the led lights are broken

Q: Can I view the video internationally ?

A: Yes, when you successfully connect the wifi security bulb camera and the bulb camera is wo…

Q: what is the operating temperature range?

A: The operating temperature of the light bulb camera is -20 ° C -50 ° C

Q: What happens after sd card is full?

A: It deletes the oldest video so it can keep recording new video. Its like a ring …

Q: Can I set the sensitivity of motion detection?

A: the wifi light bulb camera has 5 levels of sensitivity to suit your needs, and y…

Q: the camera stop sending notifications to my phone and they all on

A: Try taking out the SD card and putting it back in. Then try resetting the camera. If that …

Q: where can I get this product


Customers Review about LiveGuard Pro

Luis H. Velasquez: I got two cameras to monitor my kids when I am traveling , the HD 360 Fisheye Wireless Security Camera and the Y! Home. I have to report that this camera is far superior to the Y!. I am able to connect from anywhere, does not matter if the connection is slow. With the HD 360 I connect when traveling 100% with the Y1, at best, 20%

Scaren : This is a great bulb! It serves a dual function as a light bulb and security camera! I saw this and wasn’t sure how well it would work but it really surprised me. My back porch light is in an unusual position so I might have to move it but you can see from the pics I added that there are several viewing options and even the night vision looks great. You can rotate the camera through the app to get multiple angles or change the view setting altogether. Set up was fairly easy and went pretty smooth.

Steven Marin: Real easy setup, I had the camera ready and working in under 5 min, I really liked the speaker option that you can talk on the phone and they can hear you where the bulb is.
On the app you have a few different views: 360 degrees, split screen top and bottom, wheel view, round wall view and bowl view. You can take pictures as well as record video. I installed it in my living room so I can watch my kids while I’m upstairs.

Mark: Exactly what we needed Our front door is difficult to see through (frosted glass) so I wanted something that allowed me to check on the porch and also communicate without opening the door. It’s great for both of those and allows you to control the light through the app.


LiveGuard Pro gives a remarkable strategy for watching everything that can occur with a person who is away from their home or office.

The gadget offers double capacities as a camera and a light without requiring the client to buy any different augmentations to make it work.

This bulb camera is easy to set up and provide you with extra layer of security to your home and office. has motion detection, can take pictures or record video. It also has clear night vision.

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