Caresoles knee Sleeves Review

CareSoles Knee Sleeves Review (2020); Does this New Renu Knee Compression Sleeve work?

CareSoles Knee Sleeves Review; Most of you have probably heard the popular saying “our body is our temple”. There are so much depth and beauty in the fabric of this belief. Acknowledging and accepting this fact can stimulate us to take proper care of our bodies throughout life and offer all that we can to support it in its daily activities and functions. And they are not small in number and importance!

As the body ages, it is natural for a wide array of discomforts to arise. We gradually become aware of weak points and for everyone they are different based on the lifestyle that we have had or continue having. Some people will recognize limited flexibility, others will notice slower motions, while there are those who will experience pain in different parts of the body. 

One of the most commonly seen discomforts and potentially serious conditions is knee pain and soreness. Unfortunately, Most people experience knee pain at some point in their lives. Sports, exercise, and other activities can cause muscle strains, tendinitis, and more serious injuries to ligaments and cartilage.

Caresoles Knee Sleeves Review
Caresoles knee Sleeves Review

Over the years, knee pain and sore were problems that mainly affected middle-aged people and elderly people. For instance, Harvard Medical School reported that knee pain, which becomes more severe with age, is very common. The reason for this is supposed to be years of running and various sporting activities. The studied movement sequences weaken the joints and cause inflammations over time. However, it is not only older generations who suffer from knee problems. Also young people, sometimes not younger than 20 years, have to struggle with pain and an unpleasant feeling of pressure in the knee.

It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact number of people who experience knee pain over their lifetime, but we do know the rates of how many people experience pain severe enough to turn to knee replacement surgery: In 2017, 966,000 knee replacement surgeries were performed in the United States.

For example, the Clinical Journal of PainTrusted Source found that the most commonly reported location of knee pain is in the middle of the knee, in the joint that connects the thighbone to the shinbone. The second most common area people experience knee pain is in the kneecap area. Some people experience a combination of the two.

Knee pain is a common complaint that affects people of all ages. Knee pain may be the result of an injury, such as a ruptured ligament or torn cartilage. Medical conditions — including arthritis, gout and infections — also can cause knee pain.

Many types of minor knee pain respond well to self-care measures. Physical therapy and knee braces also can help relieve knee pain. In some cases, however, your knee may require surgical repair.

Sadly, with over 100 million people suffering from chronic knee pain each year and the costs for treatments constantly rising, overpriced doctors visits, harmful medications & invasive and risky surgeries are just a few reasons why knee pain sufferers are frustrated. Many people spend more and more money at every turn only to be left disappointed and broke.

The truth is that knee pain sufferers are searching for more affordable solutions to relieve their pain without breaking the bank and this is why many persons have opted for an alternative which is Knee Brace. You will agree with me that starting the search for the right knee brace can be a difficult endeavor, especially if you are not well prepared.

In a quest to actually meet the high demands of people, a lot of knee braces have flooded the marketplace with a common goal to offer protection for your knees and take away some of the pressure from them. They are sometimes used as a preventative method against injuries while participating in sports. This has not actually been the case as many low-quality knee braces do not offer the aforementioned function. This has also left many buyers frustrated.

It’s against this ugly trend of low-quality knee braces that a US-based startup company came up with a new innovative and patented compression knee sleeve technology called Caresoles Knee Sleeves or Renu Knee that is totally changing the way knee pain sufferers treat their osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis and other knee ailments. Already thousands of people around the world are using them.

In this Caresoles Knee Sleeves Review article, we x-rayed and revealed all you need to know about this special knee brace, its benefits, features, pros and cons, customers written caresoles knee sleeves review and much more. This will guide you as regards making the best decision when you want purchase a knee brace. But before we dive into the Caresoles knee Sleeves Review proper, lets take a look a factors to consider before purchasing a knee brace.

Crucial factors to consider when choosing the best knee brace.

Caresoles knee Sleeves Review
Caresoles knee Sleeves Review

The main function of knee braces, in short, is to offer protection for your knees and take away some of the pressure from them. They are sometimes used as a preventative method against injuries while participating in sports. In other cases, they are prescribed by doctors and medical experts in order to help with a certain condition, such as knee arthritis. There are a few crucial factors to consider when choosing the best knee brace for your needs. Let’s take a quick look at them!

Knee brace support

When you start thinking about the best knee brace for you the first thing to consider is the level of support you are looking for. This can either be an individual opinion or a professional suggestion from an experienced doctor. 

Knee brace’s purpose

Depending on whether you are going through a post-surgery recovery, you are suffering from an injury, or you just want to offer your knees extra support – the choice of knee brace will vary. There are models, which have been designed to offer strong protection, others provide flexibility and range, while some have been developed with specific medical purposes.


The main objective of the knee brace is to offer compression, but when does it become too much? At first, it may be difficult to establish whether the knee brace is too tight or not as the symptoms may sometimes come in at a later stage. What you’re looking for is a slight feeling of tightness but to a level where it remains comfortable and offers the necessary level of support for your specific requirements. 

If you feel that the brace is uncomfortable or circulation is not as normal, adjust the straps to get the desired effect or choose a larger size knee brace. There are useful size charts that you can use to make the right choice. Knee braces have their own unique set of characteristics and it is not before you give them a try that you will start to realize their true nature and purpose. If you are struggling to make the right decision, ask for a consultation with an expert who will be able to guide you with your choice.

What is Caresoles knee Sleeves?

Caresoles knee Sleeves Review
Caresoles knee Sleeves Review

The Caresoles knee sleeves also known as Renu Knee Compression Sleeve is very special knee compression brace that’s exclusively designed to offer protection against knee pain. They also relieve the pain and sometimes used as a preventative method against injuries while participating in sports. In other cases, they are prescribed by doctors and medical experts in order to help with a certain condition, such as knee arthritis. The maker believes that this knee or brace bandage is thus able to restore the mobility of the wearer. This is achieved by combining a comfortable design with breathable materials so that the wearer regains maximum body flexibility.

If you experience knee pain, soreness of the knee, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis or any other joint aches that leave your knees feeling stiff, achy and unstable, then this knee sleeve is perfect for you as you would like to get back to a pain-free life while protecting and supporting your knees – without costly doctors visits, risky surgeries or expensive pain medications.

Caresoles knee Sleeves Features.

Caresoles knee Sleeves Review
Caresoles knee Sleeves Review
  • Made of knitted fabric: breathable, moisture permeable and soft
  • Spiral Stays attached on the side: supports and maintains the shape
  • Viscoelastic omega pad: surrounds the knee and relieves pain in the knee
  • Padding: lies directly on the knee and ensures maximum wearing comfort
  • Meniscus Wings: pain relief while wearing the schooner
  • Soft “Hoffa” pads: support walking and reduce pressure on painful areas

How does Caresoles knee Sleeves work?

  • Similar to a neoprene, the fabric in Caresole Alpha is soft and breathable, and wicks moisture. Imagine how sweaty it can get under a thick-knee sock (if you have experience using one before), especially in a hot and humid climate. The Bauerfeind fabric used in Carsole Alpha Sleeve absorbs sweat and transfers it to the outer surface of the sleeve to evaporate quicker, consequently, keeping it dry under the wrap. 
  • A spiral stay on both sides of the sleeve shapes it to make it a tight fit for any user. The elasticity of the fabric adjusts to a swollen knee, but as the knee heals, the sleeve retains its original outline. 
  • The Viscoelastic pad is positioned perfectly to sit on top of your knee to provide pain relief and protect from bumps. 
  • Caresole Alpha Knee Sleeve is cushioned in the front and back to offer comfort around the joint area.
  • The Meniscus Wings relieve pain and the Hoffa pads reduce pressure from the general location of discomfort.

Caresoles Knee Sleeves Benefits

The market is flooded with knee sleeves and braces for your knees, but there are special benefits you would enjoy if you make caresoles knee sleeves your choice. In this caresoles knee sleeves review, we took our time to outline some of them.

  • Caresoles knee sleeves heal your joint pains without injections, pills or surgery.
  • The intelligent design and make of Renu Knee Compression help in regaining your mobility without external treatment.
  • The pressure keeps the painful area free from unnecessary movement and allows it to rest.
  • The thin material used makes it easy to wear under your pants.
  • With shock absorption techniques, Caresoles knee sleeves eliminate the knee inflammation and help you with a sigh of relief.
  • It gives warmness to your knees and takes care of the knee injuries. The material used in designing Renu Knee Compression is soft and comfortable and takes care of your sensitive skin.
  • You can easily walk, move or run without twisting or having a sprain in your leg. Even, it takes care of proper blood circulation.
  • Its contoured fit gives you comfort and security from the slippage.
  • Caresoles knee Sleeves provides user with a Satisfaction Guarantee.

How do I use Caresoles knee Sleeves?

The compression cuff of Renu Knee Sleeves is shaped so that it automatically adapts to the leg once it is put on. To do this, simply pull it over the affected leg and ensure a comfortable fit. The front pad sits exactly above the kneecap and thus prevents any deterioration. It is the other way around for undressing. The cuff is simply pulled down over the foot. It is important that you wear them regularly and only during the day. The compression cuff is not suitable for wearing it at night. In addition, it should be used continuously for several weeks in order to achieve the best possible effect.

What made Caresoles knee Sleeves superior to similar Knee Braces or Sleeves

CARESOLES KNEE SLEEVES ARE SKIN-FRIENDLY TO USE: When it comes to body-wear, people are inclined towards products with an appealing and beautiful outlook, efficacy, and comfort. Luckily, the Caresoles knee Sleeves or Renu Knee Compression brand comes with them. The design of the fabric is sophisticated and generalized for all colors of clothing- not too flashy when you have shorts on.

Many people do not use knee sleeves or braces because they tend to cause rashes on the skin. In some cases, there have been reports of severe skin damage, even bleeding, after use of a low-quality sleeves. The fabric used in Renu Knee Compression products is smooth and does not irritate the skin or cause rashes. The material used is sweat-absorbent and dries quicker; making it very convenient for everyday use. 

RETAINS ELASTICITY AND COMPRESSION AFTER MULTIPLE WASHES: Caresoles Knee Sleeves are made with durable fabric that retains its composure after several washes. The components inside the material have high tolerance for tension and water-rinsing. This makes cleaning the product very easy- just put it in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry.

TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED THAN SIMILAR KNEE BRACES: Renu Knee Compression are resilient when it comes to retaining its elasticity. The pressure points don’t lose their strength even after continued daily use. Coming to the technology used in the sleeve: it is comparatively more advanced than any other alternative in the market. The viscoelastic pad and meniscus wings on the sides, sets the sleeves apart from all other products in the market.

ALL IN ONE SIZE BUT EXCLUSIVE FOR ALL: Caresoles knee Sleeves is available, for both men and women, in one size only. Whether you are 6 feet tall and 200 pounds or 5 feet tall and 120 pounds, the sleeve will slide right on and sit perfectly positioned on your knee caps. The company proclaimed that the sleeve will fit anyone, no matter their size, and the effects will not vary from size to size.

NO NEED FOR CONSTANT READJUSTMENT: Unlike most other knee braces, Renu Knee Compression doesn’t slither down your leg or get pulled up when you bend the knee. The adjustment is a snug fit, and stays where it should be. The placement of the pad insides, holds the sleeve in the right place, but does not make you feel uneasy when you bend your knee.

Why do I need Renu Knee Compression Sleeves?

Caresoles knee Sleeves Review
Caresoles knee Sleeves Review

Caresoles knee Sleeves is aimed at everyone who wants to give his knee enough support and thus wants to improve his quality of life. In some cases, their use can even avoid an expensive orthopedic surgery. Injuries are prevented. Therefore, it appeals to everyone who suffers from it. It is completely irrelevant whether the person is young or old, whether he is male or female.

The product appeals to everyone equally if they have a corresponding problem. In addition, you can also benefit from the product if you have already tried similar bandages, but were dissatisfied. Especially in the area of ​​compression cuffs, there are so many differences with regard to the design that it is definitely worth trying them out here.

Where to make a purchase Caresoles Renu Knee Sleeves?

Caresoles Knee Sleeves are only available on the manufacturer’s website. The company offers discounts from time to time, starting from thirty-five percent to fifty-five percent. One great thing about buying this product is that, as soon as you order a piece, you get to save about $10 with a thirty-five percent discount right off the bat. Not to mention- FREE SHIPPING!

The more you order, the higher discount rates you will get. For an order of 5 units, you will receive a whopping fifty five percent discount. This means that you will be saving at least $15 on five items. But for individuals, smaller packages are available as well. You need a valid credit card if you want to purchase the product from their site (I recommend that you buy it from the manufacturers only, to get the authentic product). Unfortunately, the company does not accept any other method of payment. 

The current price of a Caresole Alpha Knee Sleeve is very cost-effective and delivery time takes about 7 working days. So, if you have an injury and you want to buy the product, consider the wait before purchasing. I would recommend – buy it anyways. The quality of the sleeve is worth the wait, and the money you’re spending.

Contact Address of the maker

The manufacturing company of Caresole Alpha Knee Sleeves is GMT Assets LLC. The company maintains transparency and has revealed every bit of information that a buyer needs for clarity and reassurance. They are offering a money-back scheme and the whole process of returning the product and getting your funds back is hassle-free. Since the company is US based, and the product is manufactured there, you may have to pay taxes and customs fees to receive it. 

Location: 11 Broadway, Suite 615, NY 10004, USA 

Customers Written Caresoles knee Sleeves Review.

I Feel Like I Have New Knees!”I have tried so many different types of knee sleeves since I have wore out my cartilage 10 years ago. These knee sleeves are very comfortable and provide excellent support. In the past I’ve overpaid for cheap and useless knee sleeves. At the end of the day, these are the best knee sleeves I’ve ever purchased- Carol

“Perfect Gift For My Anyone With Knee Pain”Both of my parents suffer from bad knee pain and a lack of support. According to them, this knee sleeve gives them the support and comfort they need while allowing them to move around freely. I am glad I found these knee sleeves for them and highly recommend these to anyone with elderly parent-Luke Blue

Great Brace, Knees Feel Better Than Ever”Very comfortable and fits well. Currently wearing mine everyday to work and they last. Provides decent protection around the knee without affecting mobility. Great thing is that others don’t notice that I’m wearing this. Sleek design- Rio Brenda

“Nice Design With Sturdy, Reliable Support”My knees used to hurt when I would go up and down the stairs. Now I have bought this knee support brace and I feel much better. It seems that my knees have the strength to support my daily walking. Great product!- Patrick Wayne

Frequenty Asked Questions on Caresoles knee Sleeves Review.

What sizes does Renu Knee come in?

Renu Knee is available in both men’s and women’s sizes and one size fits most. If you are concerned about sizing, simply measure at the middle of your thigh completely around. Women’s size fits thigh circumference of 13-17 inches. Men’s size fits thigh circumference of 18 inches and above.

How do I measure the circumference of my thigh?

It’s easy! Simply measure 5.5 inches above your knee to find the middle of your thigh. Then simply measure the circumference of your thigh at the spot. However many inches the circumference is, will be the size you need.

Can I wear my Renu Knee all day?

Absolutely, you can wear your Renu Knee all day long. Whether your relaxing at home, exercising or at work. It’s designed to give you comfort and relief – wherever your are!

I don’t want something clunky – will Renu Knee fit underneath pants ?

Yes, Renu Knee is created with a state of the art, low profile design. You can wear it under any kind of pant, jean, skirt etc. It’s so slim and discreet – no one will know you’re wearing it.

What benefits can I expect from Renu Knee?

Renu Knee has many benefits! Users report compression and warmth, lubrication in the joints, injury prevention, increased stability and mobility. This is most helpful to those who may experience stiff, tired or achy knees. They are also made for those who spend most of their day standing, constantly moving and/or on hard surfaces for more than 8 hours per day to relive stress, weight and pressure on the knees.

What is your return policy?

Your satisfaction is our mail goal. If for any reason you would like to return your order – just contact us at within 30 days of receiving your order, and we’ll issue a refund, less s&h.


If you are looking for a way to restore knee functions and have the freedom to be as active as you want, this knee brace model is ideal for you. The knee brace is also a good fit for those who are looking for a way to bring back stability in the knee zone after surgery, although the brace is suitable as a preventative method as well. 

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