Blaux Bidet Review

Blaux bidet review 2020; (50% Discount) does this new blaux portable bidet work?

Are you on course to get a portable bidet for use, then blaux bidet review is for you .When it’s an ideal time for you to take your shower, do you rub a dry towel all over yourself and consider it you are done taking your bath? Obviously not. Yet, many a time utilizing dry toilet paper is viewed as a completely worthy approach to clean our dirtiest zones. We generally wash our hands and bodies with water, why not wash our lower areas with water too?

With regards to cleaning yourself after using the toilet, there’s really a choice to the paper roll. Rather than cleaning endlessly debris with toilet paper, you can flush with water simply like our neighbors over the lake. I’m talking bidets (buh-days), and before you cast off utilizing one, think about that it’s a typical installation in homes and hotels all through Europe, Latin America, East Asia, and different places of the world.

The word bidet comes from the French word for “little horse” due to how you ride the first independent bidets. At their generally basis, bidets splash water to clean you all the more completely after utilizing the restroom. Top of the line models will likewise air get you dry and highlight warmed seats, exact water warmth and spout changes, and even nightlights.

Bidets are very mainstream in France. You will likewise discover them all through Europe, the Middle East, and in a few Asian nations, including South Korea and Japan. Americans are simply beginning to get on to the good advantages of use of bidet. Furthermore, with toilet paper deficiencies the nation over, bidets are turning into a much more alluring alternative.

Today, as the world battles with Coronavirus pandemic, and populaces start to panic. While most nations request toilet paper and watch it vanish off of the racks, nations acclimated with bidets can sit back, unwind and let bidets do the entirety of the work. Why not save yourself the issue of paucity of toilet paper, better hygiene for yourself and toll the line of what technology has presented us with as regards the use of blaux portable bidet and many more.

Possibly you learnt about Blaux Bidet from someone or you stumbled on this article, be assured that in this blaux bidet review, all the necessary information you need about this highly innovative gadget is here. Our team did a thorough job as regards providing any potential buyer with all the piece of information he/she needs to make the right decisions in order to avoid regrets. The best part? Sit tight as you learn more. .

What is Blaux Bidet? (blaux bidet review)

Blaux Bidet Review
blaux bidet review

Blaux Bidet is a highly innovative toilet device, exclusively designed to sprays water for cleansing yourself after using the restroom. Blaux Bidet can also been seen as a technologically driven product that will completely change the way you clean yourself after the use of restroom. The makers of blaux bidet wanted to do something to help us tackle the sheer waste and environmental impact that toilet paper and flushable wipes have on the planet and our wallets, so after much research and diligent work, they came up with this innovative gadget.

In public restrooms or the homes of friends with questionable sanitation practices, blaux bidet provides a hygienic way to cleanse your nether regions without having to touch too many things in and around the toilet, or waste a wad of toilet paper.

It’s possible that the first time you saw a portable bidet, you might not know what it is or how to use it. After using the bathroom, the blaux bidet is used to more thoroughly clean yourself than just using toilet paper. It might feel weird at first, but after you get used to using blaux bidet, you would like to buy more for both your personal and family use in the bathroom back at home.

Blaux bidet can also be used to clean any other part of the human body, such as the feet. Recently, the use of bidets are increasingly popular across the globe especially with the ageing community, or for use among people with physical disabilities. Blaux bidet make independent toileting possible for many people, affording greater independence and also provides a fresh stream of clean water that doesn’t irritate. It’s a thorough clean without the use of any chemicals or irritants. But another reason to think about switching to a personal bidet is for environment reasons. The Blaux Bidet is completely eco-friendly. 

One of the most convincing reasons is that utilizing blaux portable bidet to wash yourself is more viable and clean than utilizing dry paper. We should take washing your face, for instance. When you need to wash your face, OK snatch a bit of dry paper and begin scouring your face with it? Obviously not. You would go to the sink, sprinkle some water all over, and wash it that way.

But theoretically, wait for a second, how about if we envisaged what might occur in the event that we as a whole utilized dry paper to clean ourselves. With no water, the dirt and oils all over would keep on working up over the long haul. To balance this, you could rub the paper harder – however, it could prompt facial scraped spots and miniature tearing of the skin. Also that paper you’re utilizing is dyed with synthetic compounds (to make it white in shading), and frequently perfumed. The two of which could bring on additional irritation.

So if utilizing dry paper isn’t exceptionally good and abrasive at the same time, for what reason would you clean your buttom that way? It’s the most touchy piece of your body! Indeed, washing with water is the most ideal approach to clean and this is where blaux bidet comes in, it does it’s job perfectly well. In any case, huge numbers of us have been molded since adolescence to acknowledge something other than what’s expected. We’ve been educated to utilize dry paper to clean ourselves. In any case, it’s off-base.

How Do Blaux Bidet Work (blaux bidet review)

Our blaux bidet review did a thorough work to reveal how it works. Just not like other bidets, Blaux bidet isn’t a toilet attachment. No installation is required: Charge Blaux Bidet for an hour and you’ll be provided with approximately 3 weeks of twice-daily usage. Simply fill the blaux bidet canister with water, bring it to the bathroom when you’re ready to do your business, and spray yourself clean.

One full canister provides 25 seconds of high-pressure water flow, or 40 seconds of standard pressure. The water stream can be be switched to three settings—precision, shower, and gentle—so you can choose whatever makes you feel clean and comfortable.

Each Blaux bidet comes with its own charging station. If you use it twice a day, you only need to charge it for one hour every three weeks or so. The only other maintenance blaux portable bidet requires is regular cleaning of the removable, anti-bacterial spray nozzle with soap or light detergent.

Technical Facts About Blaux Bidet (blaux portable bidet review)

  • No Installation Or Plumbing service required.
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Type A to Type C USB port
  • Container Volume: About 170ml
  • Weight: About (0.30kg)
  • Interchangeable spray pattern nozzles that jet-clean your nether regions at standard or high pressure settings.
  • Sleek anodized aluminum tube housing a refillable water cartridge.
  • Adjustable nozzle

What are the features of blaux portable bidet

You may be wondering what the features of blaux portable bidet could be then you are covered, our blaux bidet review has all you need to know about blaux bidet feature.

A BETTER WAY TO CLEAN: if you are looking for a more effective way to clean than toilet paper while providing a more soothing cleaning experience for sensitive areas then you should consider blaux bidet. It removes all the feceal matters by using stream of water to wash our nether regions after making use of restroom. Moreso, it helps with the healing process for new moms and post delivery by making personal care cleaner and easier. Perfect hygiene solution for all women.

EASY TO USE: when it’s comes to making use of blaux bidet, you don’t need any tech skills unlike what’s found with similar bidet on the marketplace. It’s made for all and sundry. Ready to use with touch of a button. Just fill the reservoir with warm or cold water, and turn it on. Choose between two modes of water pressure, low (L) and high (H), to meet your needs or preferences.please do not inject water beyond water level scale line.

FULLY ADJUSTABLE NOZZLE & WATERPROOF : This is one of the features that made blaux bidet above it’s similar products. This personal hygiene bidet is especially useful for pregnant women, post delivery, the elderly, and those with disabilities. With a complete 180° adjustable nozzle, its versatile and prevents from having to maneuver into difficult positions to achieve thorough cleanliness.
A replacement nozzle is also conveniently included.

PORTABLE & CONVENIENT: Many a time people are afraid to buy bidet because of it’s cumbersome nature but this is not the case with blaux bidet as there are no Installation or plumbing service needed. Blaux Bidet is small enough to tuck into your purse, it’s the ideal travel toiletry for women and comes with an unobtrusive travel pouch. For indoor & outdoor use, great for traveling and camping trips to remote destinations.

PREMIUM MATERIAL: If you are on the marketplace for a bidet with a quality and storage material, then you search its over. The makers of blaux bidet used quality materials to manufacture this product which is sleek anodized aluminum housings which ensures that it stands the test of time and you are assured of quality product when you make blaux bidet you are number bidet.

Pros of blaux bidet (blaux bidet review)

  • Easy to Use
  • Cost effective
  • Clean better than toilet paper
  • Compact and portable
  • Made of high premium materials
  • No hassles of whatever
  • Very good for travel as well
  • Fit for everyone whether physically challenged or not
  • Highly recommended for hygienic living.

Cons of blaux bidet

  • Limited Discount Availability
  • Can only be purchased online as there are no physical stores.

Parts of Blaux Portable Bidet (blaux bidet review)

blaux bidet reviews
blaux bidet review
  • Nozzle Cap + Wand
  • Detachable water reservoir
  • Spray mode buttons
  • Reservoir lock
  • Charging port

What are the benefits of Using blaux personal bidet?

blaux portable bidet
blaux bidet review

Our blaux bidet review took its time to reveal all the benefits you may want to know about this unique portableortable bidet. The benefits are as follows:

COMFORTABLE AND GENTLE ON YOUR SKIN: Nothing can be compared to the feeling of cleaning your nether region with a gentle stream of water versus the fine grain sandpaper known as toilet paper and this is what blaux bidet offers you. You know the saying, “Once you bidet, TP is neigh”. Actually I totally just made that up but you get the point. Wiping with toilet paper can lead to hemmorhoids and anal fissures which are a real pain in the ass (literally).

This is due to the abrasive nature of toilet paper and the fact that the skin around the anus is very sensitive and prone to irritation. Also, when you have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), incontinence, or crohn’s disease you may go to the toilet more often (more toilet paper…ew). The comfort of using a blaux bidet versus toilet paper is unsurpassed and will leave you wondering why you didn’t switch months ago.

HYIGENIC FOR LADIES AND PREGNANT WOMEN: Most women realize that the front to back rule is urgent to help forestall UTIs. With blaux bidets you can toss that rule out the window since there is no cleaning included which is extraordinary information for those that experience the ill effects of UTIs. Blaux bidets are particularly useful for women on their period as they can help with chaotic period blood.

Additionally, pregnant women can celebrate. Blaux Bidets are significant during pregnancy as they permit you to remain quite clean down there in any event, when mobility turns into an issue.

ECO-FRIENDLY: Did you realize that the US has just 4% of the total world population yet utilizes 20% of the worldwide toilet paper suppy? Average American uses 141 rolls of tissue papers which is not good for ecosystem particularly considering each roll takes 1.5 pounds of wood to create. Tragically, the vast majority of this paper comes from virgin wood trees hacked down in Canada’s pristine Boreal Forests. Not cool.

Dissimilar to the 37 gallons of water it takes to make a single roll of tissue paper, blaux bidets on normal just utilize 1/eighth of a gallon for every utilization making them the reasonable winner with regards to the most eco-friendly technique to clean your back end. So spare a log whenever you drop a log by utilizing a blaux bidet rather than tissue paper.

SIMPLE CLEANING FOR CHILDREN: Children oftentime have trouble cleaning their derrière properly. Luckily, blaux bidet helps clean their behinds hygienically and thoroughly. Plus, you don’t want your kid to be the one that smells like butts, right? So make blaux bidet your bidet for your personal and family use.

BETTER CLEANING THAN TOILET PAPER: Consider it. After lifting loads in the exercise center or working it out in turn, what’s the principal thing you do when you return home? Wash up. Why? Since showering off with water is the most ideal approach to get spotless and feel new. I don’t think there are an excessive number of individuals out there who get back home after an exercise and wipe their body down with paper. Furthermore, on the off chance that they do… well that is simply peculiar. The same goes for your nether region.

Utilizing blaux bidet to clean your nether region is by a long shot the best strategy for cleaning and leaves you feeling new and clean. Blaux bidet sends a stream of water straightforwardly at your buttom clearing off fecal material, sweat, and grime. The vast majority of the world definitely thinks about the advantages of utilizing bidets as they are exceptionally basic in numerous Asian and European nations. Truth be told, the French have been showering their butts for more than 300 years so that needs to say something regarding their viability.

COST-EFFECTIVE: Looking for a bidet that’s pocket friendly with quality, then blaux bidet has got you covered. The makers of blaux personal bidet understood the impacts of covid-19 pandemic on economic and that’s why they made this highly innovative bidet affordable to all and sundry. You needless worry if it would impact on your budget or not. The best part? It even comes with reasonable percent of discount to even make more pocket friendly to you and your family.

Steps on How To Use Blaux Bidet (blaux bidet review)

Our blaux bidet review took its time to unravel steps to take in order to use this portable bidet without any hitches.

  • Step One: Make sure the battery is charged.
  • Step Two: Remove the water canister from the blaux bidet and fill with either warm or cold water.
  • Step Three: Reattach the water canister
  • Step Four: Extend the wand
  • Step Five: Position the blaux bidet appropriately and press the operation button on the unit and you are good to go.

Why Do You Need Blaux Bidet (blaux bidet review)?

blaux bidet
blaux bidet review

With regards to health in the advanced world, you will hear, see, and read about many techniques. In actuality, there are so a wide range of products and techniques out there that now and again, these choices can be exceptionally overpowering. What you have to do is think about the various services being offered and sort out what it is that you need to accomplish.

To do this, you will need to consider what is generally imperative to wellbeing. The vast majority will concur that hygiene is the main factor with regards to wellbeing. In the event that you practice great personal hygiene, you are getting germs and unsafe microorganisms far from your body, and you are likewise keeping others around you clean.

This implies that to rehearse the most elevated level of personal hygiene, you will need to consider what it is you do after a bowel movement. For certain individuals, this is basically not what they need to discuss. For others, this is something that they basically don’t have any desire to consider. The reality of the situation, in any case, is that this is something that you should consider. At the point when you are pondering wellbeing and hygiene you essentially should consider how you are cleaning your butt-centric and genital districts. This implies that you should assess the viability of the normal tissue, which regularly tissue paper and which may even irritate the skin, causing hemorrhoids and other problems.

The most ideal approach to rehearse incredible personal hygiene is to utilize a bidet and this is where blaux portable bidet comes into place. Investing in a blaux portable bidet can also drastically reduce your environmental footprint. According to blaux bidet manufacturer, each time you wipe, you contribute to the more than 36 million rolls of toilet paper used every year (which is roughly 15 million trees). In order to produce that much paper, you need to use 473 billion gallons of water.

Blaux Bidet promises to be better than toilet paper in every way. The handheld unit features a sleek, modern design with an anodized aluminum shell that’s durable and easy to clean. It’s legitimately stylish too with an iPhone-ish look that blends into any bathroom decor.

Blaux Bidet Vs Toilet Paper Which One Is Better?

Blaux Portable Bidet
blaux bidet review

Before I got my blaux portable bidet, I asked this question. In this blaux bidet review, it will be taken care of. As a result of the Covid pandemic, individuals have been advised again and again to wash their hands and wash them appropriately. Yet, pandemic or not, washing your hands is the main activity after you go to the restroom since fecal issue is the means by which a few germs spread. Blaux personal bidet washes your nether region, decreasing the danger of dung to-hand contact. In any case, blaux bidet won’t wash your hands for you. So Blaux personal bidet in addition to proper hand-washing make an incredible combo.

However, it is important to point out that people who make use of a toilet-paper and washes their hands completely after using the bathroom is probably going to be more sanitary than blaux bidet user who doesn’t wash their hands by any stretch of the imagination. For ladies, cleansing with clean water which comes with blaux personal bidet is commonly observed as less abrasive than toilet paper or vaginal wipes on touchy regions — however there are studies that caution against over-washing. What’s more, as a colorectal specialist as of late told the New York Times, bidets can likewise decrease skin aggravation since they’re made to be less abrasive than toilet paper.

A part of individuals who come to see me have genuinely huge disturbance of their bottoms,” Dr. H. Randolph Bailey told the Times. “More often than not it has to do with exuberant cleaning” — cleaning too enthusiastically with toilet paper or utilizing wipes, which regularly contain harsh fragrance and chemicals.”From individual experience, I can let you know there is no correlation between the asserted “clean” you get from dry toilet paper versus the use of blaux bidet.

Why is blaux bidet more environmentally friendly than Toilet Paper?

In this blaux bidet review, you will know why bluax portable bidet is highly environmentally friendly. Blaux bidet is aimed at environmentally conscious consumers. The main selling point of the Bluax bidet is that it allows you to use less or no toilet paper; the manufacturer of blaux bidet categorically said that blaux bidet minimizes the environmental impact of using toilet paper since it only requires a stream of water to clean your bum bum.

The average American uses 57 sheets of toilet paper every single day,” This assertion was made by the makers of blaux bidet “That comes out to like 36 billion rolls of toilet paper every year just for Americans. And those are made from 15 million trees. So if everyone overnight adopted blaux bidet, trust me then there’d be 15 million more trees.”

According to makers of blaux bidet, cutting down our use of toilet paper would also save 437 billion gallons of water, and 253,000 tons of bleach that are used to produce said toilet paper. Moreso, they stated there’s no need to use toilet paper, so you’re saving trees and the water used to manufacture each roll.” And after a 2019 study, Ethical Consumer magazine found that many toilet paper brands have decreased their use of recycled paper to produce their products, meaning more trees are being consumed to make toilet paper.

The Blaux Bidet helps saves trees and reduces waste as it encourages the use of NO toilet paper. You’ll never feel as good about your cleanliness as you will when you’re using a Blaux Bidet!

Where To Buy Blaux Portable Bidet

If you want to purchase blaux portable bidet after reading blaux bidet review, it’s highly recommended you purchase it from the official website. This is because there are many similar products that are fake and to avoid being duped, it’s better you make a purchase from official website. Note that, Blaux Portable Bidet offers a 30-day guarantee on all unused purchases. Simply send the item(s) back to us in the original unopened packaging for a full refund or replacement, less S&H.

Click the button below to buy Blaux Bidet from the official website and get qualified for a discount. Don’t waste your money with cheap alternatives that don’t work. Get the real tried and tested Blaux Bidet only from the website.

Blaux portable bidet Price (blaux bidet review)

  • 3 Blaux Bidet SAVE 51% Reg $323.03 Discount Price $157.48 Savings $165.55
  • 1 Blaux Bidet SAVE 35% Reg $107.68 Discount Price $69.99 Savings $37.69
  • 2 Blaux Bidet SAVE 35% Reg $215.35$ Discount Price $139.98 Savings $75.37
  • 4 Blaux Bidet SAVE 55% Reg $430.71 Discount Price $192.47 Savings$238.24

Blaux bidet review Written Customer Report

I bought this for my bf after going through blaux bidet review on web and he loves it! We have a bidet at home and he travels a lot for work. He hated not having a way to wash when he was on the road and this was the perfect solution! Timely shipping, travels easily and works great!


Love this little thing! I travel a lot for work and this is a must. I used to pack wipes and this has completely replaced the waste. Plus, no harsh chemicals.


Very few products I’ve bought in my lifetime are ones I’ve fallen in love with from the very first use. This is one of those products. Absolutely a must have for people with hairy back ends and hemorrhoid sufferers. Never going back to TP. Buying another one of these.


We have the toilet attachment and we were apprehensive to buy this. I mean, how good could it be? In one word, amazing. Perfect for travelling and useful in the other toilet at home. This is now an invaluable addition to our travel pack!


FAQs (blaux bidet review)

How Much Water Can Blaux Bidet Hold?

It can hold approximately 170 mL.

What Is The Best Solution to Use With Blaux Bidet

The best solution to use is fresh, room-temperature tap water

Does Blaux Bidet Require batteries?

No batteries required. The device comes with a charging dock and utilizes a rechargeable battery.

Is blaux bidet Uncomfortable to Use?

No, Blaux Bidet gives you a comfortable flow rate to avoid irritation, pain, and unpleasantness.

Final Submission on blaux bidet review

I believe you have gone through our blaux bidet review, it’s no secret that washing your nether region with blaux bidet is more efficient, hygienic and sustainable as compared to toilet paper. After all, you don’t wipe your dishes clean with a tissue after eating in them, so why use tissues on your behind? I’ll admit, it’s a culture-shock changing how you clean your behind, but given that the US alone uses more than 6 billion rolls of toilet paper annually, it’s an ecological crisis we can’t ignore. Besides, ironically enough, toilet paper takes tons of water to produce.

Posing a much more eco-friendly alternative to toilet paper (which fells 15 million trees annually, and takes over a billion gallons of water to produce) and wet wipes (which in theory get the job done, but aren’t entirely biodegradable), a blaux portable bidet is just a far better way to clean up. Believe me, I speak with nearly three decades of glorious bum-washing experience. Make Hay Now!

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