Belle bella ipl hair removal Review

Belle bella ipl hair removal review 2020; does this new belle bella IPL Device worth the hype?

This articles talks about belle bella ipl hair removal review; Can you imagine a world where you didn’t have to shave every couple of days? What about all the ingrown hairs, or annoying little nicks you met while shaving, and bandaids you have to use to deal with them? Well, if you have been shaving several times a week or paid thousands of dollars for laser hair removal, you may not know that you have been wasting time and money! A survey conducted by a beauty brand Escentual found that women spend an average of 72 days shaving their legs during their lifetime. Isn’t it shocking!!!

Now let’s look at the cost of shaving. Let’s assume you are using a better razor, like Venus Razors. The handle alone costs you $10, and you get a new one once a year because you lose it, a new model comes out, or just need one to keep in good working order. That’s $370 over a lifetime. A box of 8 replacement blade cartridges costs around $22, and let’s assume that each one lasts for one week each. That’s around 52 replacement blades a year, or 8 boxes a year. That works out to around $4,884 over a lifetime – not including shaving cream.

What if I told you that there was a FDA cleared technology that can permanently remove your hair? Well, before I talk about that let me tell you a brief story. The worst thing about growing body hair in places that are less than ideal is that. Have you ever had a date and needed to put your best self forward prior to going out when you understand here we go once more? That net undesirable body hair is jabbing through your skin again and your skin feel like a desert flora. Perhaps you set it aside for a day yet to be straightforward it’s pretty humiliating if individuals notice! it literally never stops growing.

The last thing I want to think about before going out for a night on the town with my girls is shaving. I remember a few months ago I reunited with an ex boyfriend that I really liked and after a great date we went back to his place to see a movie. Everything was going perfectly until we got bundled up on the sofa and I heard him ask me, “when was the last time you shaved your legs”. I almost died of embarrassment and needless to say it completely killed the mood.

The next morning I went out for informal breakfast with my closest companion Jessica and before I knew it she was getting some information about my date. I genuinely didn’t have any desire to discuss it so I just revealed to her it went alright. Obviously Jessica wouldn’t let me free that effectively as she knew how energized I was for the date the day preceding.

I enlightened her concerning how we had the most astonishing night ever and afterward continued to inform her regarding what I alluded to as the “episode”. Jessica really wanted to snicker and educated me regarding comparable circumstances that she had experienced which did really cheer me up.

After telling a few wisecracks to and fro about how moronic folks can be Jessica instructed me to feel her arm. I saw her like she was insane and playfully inquired as to whether that is all she needed me to contact. She answered “no truly contact it I need you to feel how smooth my skin is currently”. I asked her how she had the option to bear the cost of laser treatment and that is the point at which she enlightened me concerning her little gadget.

She revealed to me that she began doing laser hair treatment and that it was the best choice she ever constructed. I had clearly caught wind of laser previously however from what I realized it was insane expensive.As we wrapped up our mimosas I was unable to quit thinking about difficult the gadget that Jessica was discussing. I have a couple of companions who bring in extraordinary cash and they complete laser in a salon however from what I heard it in a real sense cost them a great many dollars when they completed the treatments.

I have had a go at all that you can consider in the past to keep my body as hair free as could reasonably be expected yet nothing had worked. I had a go at shaving which accomplishes work however is so irritating considering you need to do it at regular intervals. I had a go at waxing however blessed damnation was that agonizing! I even taken a stab at stringing all over one time and that was too agonizing also costly. I always wanted to try laser hair removal but even with Groupon discounts the treatments were something like $130 for your first session.“So how much does this device actually cost?” I said to her.

Well to find out and learn more about Belle Bella IPL Device which is FDA approved, continue reading belle bella ipl hair removal review. Sit tight as we dive proper into belle bella ipl hair removal review as we unravel this highly innovative IPL Hair Removal Device with all the information you need to know which would guide towards making the best of decision as to whether to purchase it or not and avoid regrets at the end of everything.

What is belle bella ipl device (belle bella ipl hair removal review)

Belle bella ipl hair removal Review
belle bella ipl hair removal review

Belle Bella IPL Device is an easy to use DIY device that uses FDA approved intense pulsed light technology to keep you hair free. This small device works by penetrating your skin and targeting your hair root follicle with a light wave that kills the root yet is gentle on your skin. Indeed, even clients that have delicate skin can utilize this item securely and successfully. There are 5 distinct degrees of intensity for the client to choose to ensure the therapy cycle is agreeable for their remarkable skin and hair color.

The best part is that they are right now selling the device for under 1 expert laser therapy! This permits you to get brisk and proficient laser hair expulsion results from the solace of your own home without spending the large numbers it expenses to complete in a salon. The individuals who use Beauty Product Reviews guarantee that their skin feels gentler and smoother subsequent to utilizing the item for only fourteen days. This is on the grounds that IPL doesn’t drain the dampness out of your skin, which is a significant reason for skin conditions!

Dissimilar to going into a salon Belle Bella IPL Device can be utilized from the solace of your own home. A lot of women have wanted to try laser but they really don’t feel comfortable having a stranger look at every inch of their body. With this gadget you can do your treatment when you need and where you need without uncovering for an outsider. Why spend your well deserved cash on overrated laser when you can get this at the cost of one expert meeting?

What Is IPL Technology (belle bella ipl hair removal review)

Intense Pulsed Light is an innovation recently applied by corrective and clinical experts to perform different skin treatments for tasteful and restorative purposes, including hair removal. It wasn’t up to this point that IPL gadgets in light of the fact that accessible to clients to buy for use at home. The innovation utilizes a powerful, hand-held, PC controlled flashgun to convey an exceptional, noticeable, wide range beat of light, by and large in the obvious otherworldly scope of 400 to 1200 nm.

Intense Pulsed Light shares some similarities with Intense Laser Treatments, in that they both use light to heat and kill the hair root follicle. A 2016 article in the journal “Lasers in Medical Science” compared IPL and both alexandrite and diode lasers and found that IPL technology is actually 16.72% more effective at permanent hair removal than traditional lasers. The Belle Bella IPL Device delivers as 81.98% reduction in hair growth on average for its customers and is currently the best selling at home hair removal device in the world.

How does belle bella ipl device work (belle bella ipl hair removal review)

The Belle Bella IPL Device uses FDA cleared technology that has been approved as a safe yet highly effective way to eliminate unwanted body hair. It’s remarkably effective and can actually be used anywhere on your body, including your face and bikini area.

Belle Bella IPL Device uses new Intense Pusled Light technology to target the pigment in the hair, heating it to kill the hair growth cells. The flashgun releases an intense, visible, broad-spectrum pulse of light without harmful UV rays. This heat energy damages the hair follicle to reduce hair regrowth. After several treatments, the hair may stop growing back. This makes Belle Bella IPL an effective permanent hair reduction solution.

Intense Pulsed Light is the process of hair removal by means of exposure to pulses of light that destroy the hair follicle. Intense pulsed light hair removal is widely practiced in clinics by professional estheticians and on average costs around $147 for a single treatment by a licensed professional.

After 11 years of research Dr. Kim, who leads Belle Bella IPL Device research and development team of scientists developed a safe and cost effective prototype that finally made IPL technology accessible to the home market. After the product passed safety inspections the startup was funded by a billionaire with ties to the beauty industry.

What are the features of belle bella ipl hair removal review

Belle Bella IPL Hair Removal Review
belle bella ipl hair removal review

SUPER EASY & FAST TO USE: Belle Bella IPL Hair Removal is ergonomic designed, easy to carry. 300,000 flashes, LCD-Display. The Belle Bella IPL hair removal device has 3.9cm² size treatment window which enables rapid treatment on any part of the body at home. The belle bella ipl hair removal system has five adjustable energy levels, increase level from 1 to 5 level gradually and choose the comfortable level according to your skin tone, to ensure gentle but effective treatment. This special feature is what you rarely find with similar IPL device on the marketplace.

SKIN CONTACT SENSOR: Due to the intense light Belle Bella IPL device emits, the skin contact sensor ensures the light window is fully covered before it releases the light flash. This ensures your eyes and other sensitive parts of the body are protected from the bright light. With Belle Bella IPL Device, you don’t need to worry about being struck by intense light as the sensor has got you covered.

SKIN TONE DETECTION: For the sake of your safety, the skin tone detector activates belle bella ipl device only when it senses a suitable skin tone to avoid any unforseen problem. Belle bella devices can automatically set the ideal light intensity for your skin tone in a situation where you can’t set it yourself but it affords you the opportunity to set it manually if you like.

PORTABLE: if you are looking for an ipl device that can easily be pocketed or put into purse when you are kind of traveling, then you are search is over. Belle bella ipl device affords you the opportunity to take it along with you to any place due to its compact and portable nature. With belle bella ipl device, you can travel without any form of inconvenience.

HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: if you have visited the marketplace in search of durable ipl device that would last the test of time, you will find out there are lots of devices with unfulfilling promises by the manufacturers. Belle Bella IPL Device speaks different language as it’s action speaks louder than voice. You can only attest to this if you make this high innovative gagdet your own. It’s made with premium materials to last over a long period of time.

LIGHT INTENSITY SETTING: An adjustable light intensity or energy level setting of Belle bella IPL Device ensures safe operation of the device on your skin. This enables you to change the settings depending on your skin type, sensitivity, or treatment area.

ATTACHMENT CAP: Belle Bella IPL Device has an attachment cap can be placed on it for precise body hair removal on specific areas. Precision or facial attachment caps can be used for smaller areas such as the bikini line, underarm, or facial area. With belle bella ipl device, you are assured of precise and permanent hair removal once you follow the step by step guide on how to use this highly innovative IPL device.

SINGLE & MULTIPLE FLASH MODE: Belle Bella IPL Device has both single and multiple flash mode. Single flash treatment modes of Belle Bella IPL Device release a single flash when you press the button or trigger. This is the ideal mode for small or curvy areas such as the underarms, knees, or face while Multi-flash treatment modes release multiple flashes in a row. This is a convenient option for larger areas like your legs and back. With Belle Bella IPL Device, you guaranteed of an effective hair removal.

AFFORDABILITY: If you juxtapose the benefits of using belle bella ipl device and it’s what the cost could be, it seems unaffordable but that’s not the case. The makers of belle bella ipl device understood the economic crisis witnessed across the globe as a result of the covid-19 pandemic which has impacted so much the standard of living. They made belle bella ipl device pocket friendly for all and sundry so affording it is not an issue, simply to the official website and get yours.

Specifications of Belle Bella IPL Hair Removal

  • Belle Bella Permanent IPL hair removal lamp head: 3.9 sq cm flash area
  • Energy level: 1-5 energy levels
  • Flash: 300,000 flashes
  • Replaceable lamp:Yes
  • Automatic LCD display :Yes
  • Corded use: Yes
  • Voltage:100-240V

Pros of using ipl device (belle bella ipl hair removal review)

  • Easy to Use
  • FDA approved
  • It does not cause any pain at all
  • It does not radiation
  • It works effectively
  • It is affordable
  • Can be used by both men and women
  • It’s very portable

Cons of Using Belle Bella IPL Device

  • It can only be purchased online.
  • Limited stock.

Step by Step Guide on how to use it (belle bella ipl hair removal review)

Three easy steps to use it:

  • Take the Belle Bella IPL Device out of the box and plug it in. Be sure to read the instructions for safe use and best results.
  • Adjust it to one of five power settings for fine, light or dark, coarse hair. We suggest you start at the lowest setting and move up from there.
  • Press the button. Use it anywhere on your body that you want to remove hair. It’s painless. (We recommend our special glasses to shield your eyes and aftercare gel.)
  • Expect to see results within 2 to 3 weeks and complete hair removal in about 11 weeks. It’s a gradual treatment that thins and then eliminates new hair growth. The hair follicles are in different growth stages, so keep on a regular treatment schedule to make sure each follicle gets zapped.

Additional tips for effective belle bella IPL hair removal

Our belle bella ipl hair removal review team brings you an additional tips you would rarely find on other Belle Bella IPL Device reviews online.

Pre-treatment care

Once you have determined that the Belle Bella IPL device is your choice to use on your hair and skin colour, you can prepare your skin for treatment. Shave the treatment area first so the device can target the hair follicle directly, giving you optimal results. Ensure your skin is thoroughly washed to remove any residue from creams, deodorant, tanning products, and other cosmetics. Make sure the area is completely dry before using your device.

After Using your Belle Bella IPL device

Your skin around the treated area might be slightly red and feel prickly or warm but no pain at all. This is part of the process and should subside quickly. If your skin is experiencing dryness, you can apply a soothing, fragrance-free cream to the area. Wear loose clothing if possible. Your skin will be more sensitive to the sun post-treatment. Avoid excessive sun exposure for some hours after treatment and it’s recommended wear a high-SPF sunscreen (at least SPF30) when you’re out in the sun.

What are the benefits of using belle bella ipl hair removal

Belle bella ipl hair removal Review
belle bella ipl hair removal review

Our belle bella ipl hair removal review brings our esteem readers the benefits of using this device.

VERY COMFORTABLE: Unlike getting laser done professionally there is no pain associated with IPL. There is a slight tingling sensation but there is no rubber band snapping feeling like when you get laser done in the salon. Obviously this device doesn’t have the same intensity level as professional laser machines so you can rest assured that it’s safe as long as you follow the directions. Belle Bella IPL Device replicates professional results without the pain associated with a super powered machine that damages the skin.

COMPACT AND CONVENIENT: Going in to have professional laser hair removal done is a pain, literally and figuratively. That’s why Belle Bella IPL Device can be used where you want whenever you want. The product is small yet highly effective which makes it the perfect DIY personal use device. If you are someone that is often on the go it’s small enough to just throw into your purse or carry on luggage if you want to use it while traveling.

EASY TO USE: The problem we often see with a lot of modern gadgets is that they can be difficult to use, especially the first time. Thankfully Belle Bella IPL Device isn’t like most high tech gadgets and is extremely easy to use. Using the product is literally as easy to use as 1- Plug it in, 2- Select power level, 3- Start using. Even those with no technical abilities will have zero issue getting the product to work.

Who Can Use Belle Bella IPL Device?

Belle bella ipl hair removal Review
belle bella ipl hair removal review

Belle bella ipl hair removal review says everyone can use it. Clinical laser treatments can be expensive and it’s a hassle having to fit an appointment into your schedule. If you want the convenience of an at-home, laser hair removal solution without having to travel to a salon, Belle Bella IPL device can be ideal for you.

Belle Bella IPL device uses a strong beam of light to target dark pigment around the hair follicle. This dark pigment is dense at the hair root and this absorbs the powerful light pulse from the IPL device. With that being said their current model isn’t suitable for people with very dark skin or people with white or grey hair.

They are actively working on a new product launch to cover all skin and hair types but that product hasn’t been released to the public yet.This device is also recommended for not only women but men as well. In fact, nearly 30% of Belle Bella IPL Device customers are currently men believe it or not. The startup currently has over 17,000 five star reviews from people all over the world. You can benefit from Belle Bella IPL Device if you:

✅ Want Permanent Hair Removal.

✅ Are Tired Of Wasting Time Shaving.

✅ Want To Save Money & Time.

✅ Don’t Want To Undress Infront Of Stranger.

✅ Want To Have Healthier & Silkier Skin.

✅ Are Willing To Follow The Easy To Use System.

Does Belle Bella IPL Device worth the Hype?

Belle bella ipl hair removal Review
Belle Bella IPL Hair Removal Review

Our team on belle bella ipl hair removal review took her time to answer this question as regards if belle bella ipl hair removal works or not.

Absolutely Yes! With Belle Bella IPL Device, waxing and shaving becomes a thing of the past. Forget about shaving every few days and you will never have to worry about having a stranger rip hair out of your most sensitive areas. Enjoy the relaxing experience of IPL from the comfort of your own home.

Well, in case you are still wondering if it’s still worth it. Our belle bella ipl hair removal review looks personal reference view of one of the users of Belle Bella IPL Device.

DAY ONE: Super-speedy delivery, which I always love! When I opened the package, I read the instructions and then got started. The first thing it said is that I need to shave the area I plan on treating. After reading into it the reason you shave is so that the light can reach the hair follicle root. After shaving I plugged in the device and waited a few seconds for the light to turn on. Once the device was ready to go I registered the device by touching it flush with my skin and began the process.

It was surprisingly easy to use and I was shocked that there was only a very slight tingling sensation. I expected there to be some pain but even after I finished I had zero discomfort. All in all, it took me around 30 minutes to complete the process of treating my legs, bikini area, under arms and my face aka sideburns. Just to give some context I’m caucasion with medium skin complexion and light brown hair.So far I’m happy with how easy it is to use and that it didn’t irritate my skin at all.

DAY FOURTEEN: I used the product for the second time today. I shaved the areas that I’m applying the IPL on. The process is now a lot faster now that I’ve used the machine. It only took me about 20 minutes to apply the IPL to nearly my entire body and I have noticed a drastic change! I haven’t seen a huge difference in the amount of hair growth but it’s still really early according to the box. I can’t wait for it to start working so I don’t ever have to get waxed again. Looking forward to reporting back and to hopefully being hair free lol.

DAY THIRTY: Now I’m really starting to see a big difference. I’ve noticed that my hair is not only growing in less but it’s also coming in lighter in the areas that I’ve been using the device on. I was starting to think that the product wasn’t working anymore but just a few days ago I realized that I hadn’t shaved or used the product in nearly over 17 days. The instruction book does say that it will take another month or so to see desired results so I’m hoping it keeps working. Overall I’m happy with the results but I think that they might get even better.

DAY FORTY: Today was the best day so far. It’s been just over a month and a half and I would say that around 80% or so of my hair seems to be gone for good. When I first started using this product I was skeptical to say the least because how could a product that works just as good as laser hair removal be so affordable. I’m a believer now because I literally haven’t shaved my legs in two weeks and they are still looking great. I’ve been telling my friends about this product and I tell them all that Belle Bella IPL device is a must buy!

Why is belle bella IPL device is better than similar product?

Belle Bella IPL Device Is FDA Approved and Has Passed the Safety Inspections. The device uses technology cleared by the FDA and has been approved as a safe yet highly effective way to eliminate unwanted body hair.The Belle Bella IPL Device doesn’t have the same intensity level as a professional laser machine. It’s safer as long as you follow the directions.

Belle Bella IPL Device replicates professional results without the pain associated with high-powered machines. Models found in spas generate more heat and can quickly damage the skin.

A word of caution. Don’t go out in direct sunlight for a few hours before or after each treatment. Although the device does not emit UV rays, the sun does. The combination of Belle Bella IPL Device light and the UV rays from the sun can cause redness.

Belle Bella IPL Hair Removal Review Customers Written Report

“I have light skin and black hair. The results are visible after the third week. I’m so happy I bought it! Really good device overall, would highly recommend. ”

Karen B. –Pittsfield, MA

“I can finally throw away my razors! I admit I was very skeptical, but after using it for just about 3 months, I can say that it really does work as advertised. Best find ever!”

Karla B. – Greely, CO

“I’ve used it for close to 8 weeks and the results are amazing! I have seen around 90% of my unwanted hair disappear and I don’t see it growing back.”

Cindy L. – Atlanta, GA

FAQs (belle bella ipl hair removal review)

Our editors on belle bella ipl hair removal review took out time to answer some of the pressing question our esteem readers would like to ask as regards this problem but if you feel your question is not answered make use of the comment section.

Does Belle Bella IPL Device require batteries?

No, you simply plug it into your power source and can get started right away.

How much time does a session take?

This depends on what area you are treating. On average it takes around 10-15 minutes to properly treat your leg area. You can easily treat your entire body in 45 minutes or less or you can break the treatments into multiple sessions if you want.

Is there any professional assistance required?

Thanks to Dr. Kim’s patented design the product is 100% safe to use without the assistance of a professional. Just make sure you use the product as described and you won’t have any problems.

How long does it take to see results?

Individual results will vary from person to person. Most people will begin to see noticeable results after 5-8 Bellebella Device sessions.

What color hair does Belle Bella work on?

Belle Bella hair removal system work on nearly all hair and skin types. People with light brown, brown & black hair will results quicker than people with lighter colored hair such as blonde.

How Long Does Shipping Take?

We send all orders via United States Postal Service (USPS) or other courier option within 3-5 business days. Allow 3-5 business days for orders to leave the warehouse.

What Is Your Return Policy?

We offer a 90 day return period on all orders. Please refer to our terms & conditions for details.

Is Bellebella Device painful?

No, Bellebella Device hair removal is not painful. There are 5 strength settings so you can find what works best for you.

Conclusion on belle bella ipl hair removal review

Having gone through our our belle bella ipl hair removal review, you can this product is work it . Moreso, with Belle Bella IPL Device, waxing and shaving become a thing of the past. Say goodbye to shaving every few days and that annoying prickly stubble. You will never have to experience a stranger jerking hair out of your most sensitive areas. From now on, you’ll relax in the comfort and privacy of your own home with Belle Bella IPL Device.

Right now, as long as supplies last, Belle Bella IPL Device has a generous 50% discount for anyone that buys a bundle. When you purchase the Belle Bella IPL Device plus the glasses and Post Treatment Gel, they will also pay for free shipping. You’ll also receive a Lifetime Warranty, which covers your device should anything happen to it.

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