Anti Fog Hero Review

Anti fog hero review 2020; Does this latest car defogger worth the hype?

Anti-fog Hero Review; For drivers, the colder time of year can be a troublesome time. Driving in haze may appear to be an outlandish assignment as you inch along in a fantasy like white haze. Haze is one of the most hazardous climate conditions that drivers face. Thick haze can diminish a driver’s visibility to practically nothing. Consistently, mist causes significant heap ups and various accidents when drivers can’t see the street in front of them.

Driving in haze and fog requires exceptional alert. It is accepted that this ecological street peril is one of the most perilous. It is trying to drive in intensely blocked rush hour gridlock, yet you ought to be considerably more cautious when sharing the street in foggy conditions as visibility can truly disintegrate inside a matter of seconds.

Road conditions are intensified, and as a rule you’ll wind up getting up sooner than expected to de-ice and de-fog your vehicle in the first part of the day in case you will make it to chip away at time.

Driving fatalities are just climbing. Brutal climate conditions, evolving temperatures, and unprotected windshields are a main source of vehicle crashes. In spite of helpless visibility individuals actually drive in any case. It’s not notable yet that there is an exceptionally basic, reasonable, and amazing arrangement. Truth be told, a portion of the main vehicle organizations are adjusting this innovation when producing their vehicles.

Permit us to introduce a product that has bee tested and proven to serve as a lasting solution to the challenges faced by motorists in winter season. In this Anti Fog Hero review, we x-rayed all you need to know about this product to help you make best decisions as regards getting your car defogger. Sit tight as we dive into Anti Fog Hero Review proper.

What is Anti fog hero?

Anti Fog Hero Review
Anti Fog Hero Review

Anti-Fog Hero is Shine Armor’s newest coating technology that protects your windshield, windows, and mirrors. It provides protection against fogging on all glass surfaces while reducing uncontrolled water condensation on windows.

Anti-Fog Hero can also be seen as a popular car defogger spray that has the ability to Keep your windows, windshields, and mirrors from fogging up to maintain optimal visibility. Anti-fog Hero made by Shine Armor delivers a new glass coating technology that is applied on the inside of your surfaces instantly eliminates fogging and hazing with long lasting support on your vehicle in one go only! It protects your favorite car by defogging existing & resisting new fog from accumulating.

This special product is available with an improved formula. Many car owners are frustrated with driving during foggy weather. With this scientifically proven product, you can drive without frustration especially during foggy weather. According to the manufacturer, the Anti-fog glass and mirror protection spray ensures that it provides more than just protection. The car gets a special shine and looks clean and have crystal clear vision during driving.

This product is a high-end product in the car defogging category that is long-lasting and extremely durable. You do not need to spend hundreds of dollars in getting a proper car defogger when you have Anti-fog Hero with you. You can use it easily as it is a spray that works without any hassle.

According to the manufacturer, it should be used mainly to provide ultimate safety in addition to our detailing products. Due to the high-quality ingredients, the most diverse surfaces are to be optimally protected. The product is especially suitable for glass and mirror surfaces. The spray creates a special glass coating technology effect on every vehicle. This defogging protection lasts up to 6-12 months on a car. If you use your vehicle heavily, a new application of the glass and mirror defogger is necessary. 

The manufacturer of Anti-fog Hero stated that up to 20 times stronger protection is available with its product. This protection lasts much longer than most other car defoggers. The Anti-fog Hero can be applied quickly and easily. It is simply sprayed on and reducing uncontrolled water condensation on windows. This means that you do not need any water to clean your vehicle. The special feature of the Anti-fog Hero is that all mirror and glass surfaces such as tinted, treated and untreated can be protected. The product is intended to provide long-lasting protection with a new glass coating technology.

Anti fog Hero Technical Facts and Specifications

  • It uses advanced Si02 Ceramic coating formula.
  • It is free of toxins.
  • It is biodegradable and does not cause interference with the environment.
  • It is manufactured by following the VOC guidelines.
  • It contributes to water saving.
  • It is free from hydrofluoric and sulfuric acids.
  • It is free from heavy solvents

How Does Anti fog Hero Work?

Defog, Seal, and Protect is the mode of action of Anti-Fog Hero by Shine armor. It defogs the glass and mirror surface of your vehicle or any other product, seals it by reducing uncontrollable water condensation, and protects by resisting new fog from forming.

All you have to do is just spray it evenly over the glass and mirror your vehicle. It is a home defogging product and can be used easily. Anti-Fog Hero uses a new glass coating technology and its specialized defogging agents to remove the mist and haze effectively. It leaves you with a clean, sealed, and protected glass and mirror surface safely.

The defrog, seal and protect- the concept of Anti-Fog Hero works seamlessly on your vehicle and grants you peace of mind. There is no detailed setup required to use the product. The do-it-yourself feature grants freedom to the user.

Features and Benefits of Anti fog Hero

Anti Fog Hero Review
Anti fog Hero Review

The main idea behind the product was to create a defogger that protects a car without breaking the car owner’s bank. All products from Shine Armor come with 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and are environmentally friendly. Below are some of the features and benefits of the products in Anti Fog Hero Review.

ANTI- DUST & ANTI– STATIC PROPERTIES: Anti-Fog Hero is ideally suited for the inner surfaces of your vehicles windows and mirrors. It is also scientifically engineered with anti-static and anti-dust properties. Furthermore it does not contain any harmful solvents making it allergy and environmentally safe.

AFFORDABLE & POWERFUL GLASS PROTECTION: Shine Armor engineered this product so that every single vehicle can have crystal clear visibility. Obstructed vision while driving is extremely dangerous and Shine Armor’s goal is to provide ultimate safety in addition to our detailing products.

NEW GLASS COATING TECHNOLOGY: Don’t settle for outdated glass defogging products because they aren’t durable and resistant to extreme weather conditions. This new glass coating technology that is applied on the inside of your surfaces instantly eliminates fogging and hazing with long lasting support.

DIY DEFOGGING IN AN EASY SPRAY BOTTLE: The Anti-fog Hero comes in a spray bottle that is easy to use. To apply the product, spray it on a soft microfiber towel. A small product goes a long way, so, be sure to avoid over-spraying. Rub the surface of vehicle with the towel gently ensuring you overlap sections. After applying the product on a section, take a dry microfiber towel and buff the already sealed surface before it dries.

The spray bottle features an ergonomic design for easy spraying. No matter the size of your hands, the bottle is easy to use. You only need few minutes (or less for smaller cars) to apply the Anti-Fog Hero.

NON-TOXIC AND ECO FRIENDLY: New glass coating technology or nanotechnology gives your windshield, mirror, glass or helmet that fog free look you need without harming you or the environment. They are not based on aerosol and are also eco-friendly to protect the user and their surroundings. The ingredients are biodegradable VOC (volatile organic compounds) compliant to show that it is safe. You can, therefore, use it around children and pets. It also does not harm plants in case you accidentally spray a plant.

You only need a thin coat of the Anti-fog Hero on your car. After application, Anti-Fog Hero uses new coating glass technology to provide an invisible coating on your glass and mirror surface to resist further fogging in the long run. It may interest you to know that it’s not affected by temperature changes.

MULTI-PURPOSE: Unlike defogger whose formula may only work on some types of mirrors and glass, the Anti-fog Hero is multipurpose. You can use it on different surfaces including car glass and mirror whether tinted, treated or not, home glass and mirror, helmet and many more. It does not affect the surface on which it is applied. You can use it on the surface of cars, boats, motorcycles, RVs, four-wheelers, or any other locomotive’s glass and mirror. Its many purpose formula makes it worth the price.

STRONG AND LONG LASTING: Infused with nanotechnology, the Anti-fog Hero fills the imperfections on your car’s mirror and glass to make it fog free and optimally visible for use. You can use a single bottle for an entire month. If you do not live in an area where the weather is forgiving, you may not need a retouch for a long time. 

The manufacturer notes that you may have the Anti Fog Hero on your car for a year. If you live in an area where the weather is foggy and so many elements affect the surface of your windshield, glass or mirror, you may need to retouch after a few months. The company recommends applying every month for the best results.

NO STREAKING and SMEARING: Although the Anti-fog Hero formula is defogger with an exceptional qualities, it is still light enough to apply without leaving streaks, smear marks, and scratches. Unlike other similar products that may not apply smoothly, the Anti Fog Hero by Shine Armor applies with ease with each section overlapping to create a beautiful look. If you need a no-mess cleaner, defogger, and protector, this product will give you that.

100 PERCENT SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: With every bottle you buy, you will get a satisfaction guarantee and you can return the product if the results do not impress you.

You cannot take your car for professional defogging at less than $20 – you will need a lot more. However, with the Anti-fog Hero, you will have enough to defog your car for a month. The Shine Armor Company always offers discounts (sometimes up 65 percent) when you buy from their website. If you buy the products in bulk from the website, you will get a better discount.

The shipping process is fast and you will have your product within a week. Besides the website, you can also buy the product on other stores online. However, it is only available online.

Pros of Anti fog Hero

  • It has a many action formula that defog, seals, and protects the glass, mirror, helmet and windshield of your favorite vehicle.
  • It has anti dust and and anti static properties
  • It provides a new glass coating technology that is resistant to weather and temperatures.
  • It is environment-friendly as it does not contain any hazardous material.
  • Shockingly good repellency.
  • It is safe for all of the glasses and mirrors of bikes, cars, etc.
  • It is easy to use the product and can be used at home only.
  • It is cheap as compared to the other similar products.
  • Anti-Fog Hero is the best defogger available in the market.
  • No Streaking and Streaming.

Cons of Anti Fog Hero

  • Can only be purchased online.
  • Limited time for discount offer.

Why do I need this Anti Fog Hero

Anti Fog Hero Review
Anti Fog Hero Review

The Anti-Fog Hero can be used for any glass and mirror surfaces. It ensures that fogs and hazes are removed from the surface. In addition, new fog are avoided by the glass coating protection layer. With Anti Fog Hero, car owners can save themselves a costly car defogger. The car gets a special glass-effect already after one application.

According to the manufacturer, the result is stupendous. The Anti-Fog Hero can be used to optimally enhance a car windshield for crystal clear vision. It looks much better after the application. Hazes and fog will roll off the surfaces, so that it will not be quickly reformed. A glass-effect can often only be achieved by an expensive car preparation. This is offered in workshops or specialist companies. With the Anti Fog Hero you have the possibility to clean your vehicle not only with car defogger, but also to achieve a special Anti static and Anti dust functions. 

According to the manufacturer, the practical Anti Fog Hero provides a natural defog on the most diverse vehicle glass and mirror surfaces and more. No small fortune needs to be spent on it. In the past, a glass coating technology on a vehicle to prevent incidences of fogging was always very expensive. Nowadays, products like Anti Fog Hero can be used to create a new glass coating technology effect.

According to the manufacturer, a big advantage is the quick and easy application of the Anti-Fog Hero product. Compared to similar products, there should be no fog or hazes to the car glass or mirror during application. The manufacturer promises that with its Anti-Fog Hero new glass coating technology of the car is possible. This means that the product can be used anywhere. Besides Anti Fog glass and mirror protection, the product has Anti static and Anti dust functions.

Additional Tips on how to apply Anti fog Hero

Anti Fog Hero Review
Anti Fog Hero Review

Anti-fog can be used on virtually any glass or mirror surface, inside and out including: cars, boats, RVs and other vehicles, counter tops, some appliances and more.

Although it is listed as an Anti Glass and Mirror Protection. The easy to follow directions state that you should spray the Anti Fog Hero on the surface you are defogging, just matter of seconds it removes the fogs and hazes moreso reducing uncontrollable water condensation. You can as well spray it on the inner side of the glass, the wipe and buff. Repeat this process until the entire area has been cdefogged and sealed.

You can apply the defogger any time of the day, however it works best at any weather conditions.

What to get when you Purchase Anti fog Hero

Anti fog Hero itself comes in an 8 ounce bottle which should last average users about 1 month. Some sellers do have special offers which includes 2 reusable microfiber towels that are designed to be used to apply and buff the product. Special promotions and sales may also include a second bottle, a larger size or other additional items.

Reasonably priced, this Anti fog hero may also have discount codes for shipping from some retailers based on location and current promotional offers. Targeted ads through social media may also provide you with varying promotions that include reduced prices, free or reduced shipping and free items.

Is Anti fog Hero worth it?

Anti Fog Hero Review
Anti Fog Hero Review

Out of all of the car defogger available in the market, Anti fog Hero is the best as it is not based on the outdated silicone coating but uses advanced Anti Glass and Mirror Protection formula that lasts for more than 3 months than the usual lifetime of 2-3 days of the traditional car defogger sprays.

It is an efficient solution for car defogger as it is not aerosol based spray, unlike the other similar defogger products that are aerosol based thereby making it harmful for the environment and end-user. You do not need to have a specialized defogging procedure for your car when Anti-Fog Hero is in action!

Anti-Fog Hero does not cut through the elegant look of your vehicle and is all-weather resistant. Not only weather, but Anti Fog Hero is also capable to sustain high temperatures. So be it cloudy weather, hot sun, or snowing outside, Anti-Fog Hero is a full-time defogger of your car glass and mirror surfaces.

The last but not the least is the cost-effectiveness in using Anti-Fog Hero over the other specialized products that have high claims but fails to perform.

Is it Safe to Use Anti fog Hero

Anti Fog Hero Review

Anti-Fog Hero is a silicone based product with added ingredients like surfactant, shampoo which are not aerosol based. Shine armor has been scientifically perfected this product at their laboratories looking for optimal solution for safety and product working principle. It is non-toxic, biodegradable and VOC compliant.

It can be used around children and pets and should not harm plants if it comes in contact with them. Remember, this product needs no rinsing after use and will be completely buffed into the surface.

Surfactants are a range of compounds that are used to decrease the level of surface tension between 2 liquids or 1 liquid and a solid. They are most frequently used as detergents (to clean) or dispersants (helps to spread a substance or compound on a surface).

VOC refers to volatile organic compounds such as benzene, formaldehyde and others. Everyone encounters these everyday in some level. It is even in our soil. State and other laws and regulations determine the levels of VOCs that are allowed to be in a product and what level they should drop to after the product has been used.

Things Anti fog Hero Cannot Do

While this product can help defog, reduce uncontrollable water condensation, it can repel all dust and static as it has anti dust and static functions.

The Anti-fog and glass coating technology does provide some protection against recurrence of fogging but will not be enough to keep damage from flying rocks or other debris from chipping or scratching your windshield or glass. It will also not remove or reduce the appearance of scratches are already on the surface of your windshield or glass.

Where can I buy Anti fog Hero

You can purchase Anti-fog Hero directly from the manufacturer. On his website he offers you the possibility to order and a lot of information about the product. You can order Anti Fog Hero directly from the manufacturer using a various of payment options. After a few days, the product will be sent to the desired delivery address.

You should be very careful when buying from another foreign website. In this case you might end up with the wrong product. Even if it is visually similar, it may have completely different ingredients. Accordingly, it would have a completely different effect on the protection of your windshield and glass. At the moment you can find a discount offer through the manufacturer.

When buying two bottles of Anti-Fog Hero you save about one Euro per bottle. If you buy 4 bottles you even save 2 Euro per bottle. It is therefore worth asking friends or acquaintances before you order if they also need a car care product for their car. This way you can all save some money compared to the normal price. If you are not satisfied with the effect of the care product, you can return it directly to the manufacturer.

Anti fog Hero Review Customers Report

“I have used all sorts of anti-fog product over the years but this one stands out. It works. Just follow the directions and it will perform flawlessly for you.”


My heater core leaked so the windshield on my old car was covered with fog all the time. This product helped in reducing fogging by 85% which is very impressive looking at my issue. It bought me time to get the core fixed and dry out the car


I was a little skeptical about it working but this fog spray is amazing!!! Its awesome! I always have trouble with my mirrors when it rains – not anymore!”


Final Verdict on Anti fog Hero

Anti Fog Hero is one of only a handful barely any products in our test that is Made In the USA, and it shows. It’s speedy and simple application on all glass surfaces was a breeze, leaving no streaking or spreading and it performed especially well in all climate conditions at both forestalling haze and defogging existing condensation.

Grade-A materials in an alluring, strong siphon bottle handily took it to the highest point of the pack. It’s the main product with Anti dust and static properties and it appears to work in a split second. It was by a long shot the most reasonable product we tried, particularly the 4 container pack, which at the hour of composing is accessible for over $50 off retail, making it hands-down, the best estimation of the bundle.

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